Jews for Obama

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Stockholm Syndrome


    In the summer of 1973, four hostages were taken by bank robbers in the Swedish capital. The robbers did not succeed. Six days after the hostages were taken, they were released as the police succeeded in rescuing them.

     Yet, the hostages actively resisted their rescue. In fact, they refused to testify against their captors and one of the female hostages actually became engaged to one of the captors.

     Likewise, Patty Hearst, daughter of a super-rich media mogul, kidnapped by the so called Symbonese Liberation Army, took up arms and participated with her  kidnappers in robbing a bank. She also changed her name to “Tania” and became part of the gang.

     The Stockholm syndrome occurs when a captive is isolated and threatened with death and sees no way out of the dilemma. The idea is that the captive tries to keep the dominant criminals happy so as to stay alive. The victim therefore sympathizes with his tormentors.

     Another example of this phenomenon was the seizure of TWA flight 847 by Arab terrorists in 1985. Once more some of the released passengers exhibited the “Stockholm Syndrome” and actually praised the terrorists and thanked them for keeping them alive.

     This type of behavior was the common lot of the European Jews during our 1900 years in European captivity. Even now, there are Jews in Germany who denounce Israel at every turn so as to earn the approval of the German population, which is extremely hostile to Israel (2008). In earlier years, German and other European Jews denounced their own people and actually wrote anti-Jewish literature, as did Karl Marx, the founder of the communist party and grandson of two rabbis. Other less well known Jews did this also.

    In this country Norman Finkelstein, a political science professor, makes his living ranting anti-Jewish hate before Arab audiences. This is also true of Professor Noam Chomsky, who, despite his Hebrew first name,  has made a career of hating Jews. Such conduct is quite common among academics who side with our enemies.

     The reason for this transfer of the Stockholm syndrome to the United States lies in “culture lag”, a phenomenon known to sociologists. “Culture lag” refers to the tendency of people to perpetuate beliefs which are no longer of any use to them but which are a tradition among them.

     American Jews, most of whom are the grandchildren of Russian immigrants, perpetuate the tradition of cowing to the haters and siding with their bigotry, although this is not necessary in this country.

    Therefore, large numbers of American Jewish voters support the candidacy of Barack Obama for the presidency of this country.

     The reverse is by no means the case. Obama, like all Democrat office holders, is no friend of the Jewish community or Israel. This does not mean he won’t take Jewish money.  The reason is not only that Obama is a congenital bigot, but also that the Democrats are in the majority unfriendly to the survival of Israel. Look at any poll on that subject and you will find that 73% of Republicans favor the survival of Israel. Only 39% of Democrats favor Israel over the Arab enemy.

   This is not surprising. After all, the leaders of the Democrat party, such as Jimmy Carter, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Jackson, and Virginia Congressman James Moran, are all Jew baiters. Moran and friends even claim that “the Jews” caused the war with Iraq and that “the Jews” control Wall Street and all the other common hate slogans.

    Name an enemy of the Jews and you find a Democrat. How about Al Sharpton, a so called “civil rights” leader who stood in front of a Brooklyn clothing store and shouted “burn down the Jew store”?  His followers did so, killing five employees. Sharpton also organized a pogrom against the Jewish community of Crown Heights. Yet Jews support him and give him money.  Another luminary of the Democrats is Ernerst “Fritz” Hollings, former governor and senator from South Carolina. He also accused “the Jews” of causing the war in Iraq and claims that Jews have too much power.

    Every ethnic group in America favors their own. 97% of Afro-Americans favor the election of Obama. The entire New York Italian-American community voted for Giuliani when he ran for the nomination of the Republican party. The mayor of Los Angeles was elected by a huge Hispanic vote. Only Joe Lieberman was unable to gain Jewish support when he attempted to run for President. Jews vote for our enemies, not our friends.

    Obama, like Roosevelt years ago, receives major Jewish support. Like Roosevelt he is our enemy. Roosevelt would not let the German Jews into this country when the Nazi government murdered us nor would he allow our Air Force to bomb Auschwitz. Likewise, Obama befriends the Arab terrorists and the Jews befriend him.

    It must be said in our favor that there are now a few Jews allied with the Jewish Republican Coalition who remember all George W. Bush has done for Israel and the American Jewish community. Perhaps we will yet see the day when culture lag and the Stockholm syndrome are no longer with us and we become a normal people who favor their fellow Jews beleaguered by enemies who seek another Holocaust.

   Have faith. Even that is possible.

 Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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