Muslim / Nazi Parallel

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Der Führer


     On September 23, 2011, the Palestinian leader (Führer), Mahmoud Abbas, spoke at length to the United Nations Assembly. His message was clear. “Kill the Jews,” screamed that hate filled fanatic as his supporters cheered the prospect of another Holocaust.

     Abbas had no trouble composing his speech. He copied it from Adolf Hitler, the Führer of a previous generation of killers and barbarians, who spoke to the German parliament on January 30, 1939, and in a lengthy diatribe promised to kill every Jew in Europe. With minor alterations fitting present circumstances, Abbas promised that same thing.

     It ought to be understood that the United Nations, founded to prevent another Nazi horror, has become the very successor of the Nazi party of yesteryear. This has come about because the 50 Muslim nations are more than 25% of the 193 members. Together with those who depend on Arab oil,  these nations constitute an automatic majority regarding the United States and Israel.

     The purpose of the United Nations is today to destroy the USA  and Israel while being supported in that effort by the taxpayers in both countries.

     The similarity between Hitler’s speech and that of Abbas is almost symmetrical. Hitler first complained that Germany was a small disadvantaged country persecuted by the Jews and the allies of the Jews such as the United States. Likewise Abbas pretends that the so-called “Palestinians” have been victimized by “the Jews” when in fact these occupiers of Jewish land have been the beneficiaries of Israeli society for sixty-three years.

     Hitler screamed that no Jew has a right to live in Germany and that he intended to kill all the Jews of Europe. Abbas promised to establish a Palestinian state by eliminating Jews from the Holy Land and making it “Judenrein,” i.e. cleansed of Jews.

     Just as Hitler and his followers were not satisfied with the emigration of Jews from Germany but thereafter murdered six million Jews in countries occupied by the German army, the Palestinians are not satisfied with gaining hold of Jerusalem, Samaria, and Judea and “eliminating” all Jews from the Jewish homeland. In addition, the Palestinians and their supporters see such a Palestinian homeland as a base from which to attack what then would remain of Israel and launching huge armies derived from the 50 Muslim nations against the 5.5 million Jews in truncated Israel.  The Arabs and their supporters will never be satisfied as long as one Jew lives on this globe, for it is their religion that no Jew, no one believing in Judaism, has a right to live in this world. These people truly believe that they are enjoined to kill all Jews and if possible everyone else. Of course, even 1.5 billion Muslims can hardly succeed in slaughtering 5.5 billion non Muslims in this world. But Jews seem an easy target. We are only 13 million. Furthermore, it is hard for the Muslims or anyone else to understand that Jews are willing to defend themselves. After all, Jews living in the Arab  world were always subject to any cruelty the Muslim majority was interested in inflicting on the Jewish minority community.

     In 630 CE, the successor to Mohammed, Omar, issued a decree consisting of 12 laws under which “dhimmi” or non-Muslims had to live. Jew were forbidden to touch the “Koran,” the Muslim scriptures. Jews, as in Nazi Germany, had to wear distinctive clothes, either dark blue or black. Jews also had to wear a yellow badge. This was later copied by the Nazi killers. According to that decree, Jews were prohibited from performing their religion in public and were also prohibited from owning a horse. In Nazi land Jews were not allowed to own a car. Jews also had to pay a special tax and were prohibited from defending themselves against physical assault by a Muslim. As the Koran says: “Fight against those Jews and Christians who believe not in Allah.”

     Here are some references to Jews in the Koran. In Surah 2:88 we read: “Allah has cursed them for their unbelief.”  In 2:98, “Allah is the enemy of the unbeliever,” and in 2:121 “Jews are ‘the losers’". In 4:46, Allah again curses them for their unbelief, and in 5:33 Jews are told that they will be crucified, have their hands and feet cut off, and will be expelled from the land. Even in the hereafter Jews will suffer “an awful doom” (Surah 5:41), and in 5:60 Jews are told that Allah will turn us into apes and swine.

     There are 109 references to Jews and other unbelievers in the Koran, including the admonition that a Jew hiding behind a rock should be killed when the rock tells the Muslim “there is a Jew behind me, kill him.”

     Christians are also the targets of much of this hate, although it is inconceivable that Muslims can kill over 2 billion Christians.

     The outcome for the Jewish population in Muslim countries was the same as it had always been in Europe. For example:

      In Yemen Jews were forced to clean the streets of animal carcasses and were forced to clean latrines on the Sabbath without pay. In that country, Jewish women had to wear one white and one black shoe while in all other Muslim countries Jews were incessantly subjected to every kind of humiliation and cruelty. In all these countries, Jews had to live in ghettos called “haramellah.” These were “miserable, dirty quarters ... so narrow that two persons could hardly walk by each other.” The Egyptian Jews lived in horrible circumstances while suffering near starvation in muddy stinking cellars.

     In all Muslim countries, Jews were the targets of sporadic mass murders instigated by the Muslim clergy, who claimed that Jews drink the blood of non-Jews and bake Matzohs with the blood of children.

     At present, and not only in the distant past, Arab and other Muslim publications still teach these canards to their readers. These publications include the work of Palestinian president Abbas, who wrote a so called dissertation called The Secret Relations between Nazism and the Zionist Movement. He of course denies the Holocaust.

     Evidently, any Palestinian state carved out of the Land of Israel would be governed by the same poisonous hatemongers as heretofore. That is why no Israeli government can allow that to happen, as it would once more lead to yet another mountain of Jewish corpses and the applause of the United Nations. 

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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