The Gaza War Report

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



     The history of the Jewish people includes a long list of Jews who found it profitable to denounce their own people to our enemies. These haters are the originators of all the horrors which the world has inflicted on the Children of Israel, in that they have invented the propaganda that has served the killers for so long to persecute and murder.

     The most recent addition to these Jewish enemies of the Jewish people is Richard Goldstone, a lawyer and judge born in South Africa, where he made a name for himself by a so called interest in human rights.

      Last year Goldstone accepted the chairmanship of an investigating committee appointed by the Jew hating UN Human Rights Council. They were told to investigate the crimes of Israel in Gaza. That organization spends all its time denouncing Jews while ignoring slavery in Saudi, genocide in the Sudan, torture in Egypt, and unspeakable brutality in China.

      Goldstone was accompanied in his travel to Gaza by Christine Chinkin, a British professor who said in advance of going to Gaza that Israel has no right to defend itself. The other members of this investigating team, Desmond Travers and Hina Jilani, equally denounced Israel in “blood libel” terms before ever setting foot on Gaza.

        In view of the evident bigotry of this investigating committee, Israel did not allow these haters to enter its territory. So the gang of Jew baiters entered Gaza from Egypt and, accompanied by the Hamas terrorists who rule there, “found” that “the Jews” are guilty of every crime known to man.

      Goldstone then issued a report to the United Nations labeling Israel and “the Jews” as war criminals and human rights abusers. The killing of Jews by Hamas rockets was whitewashed by Goldstone. He even claimed that Israel is now occupying Gaza, when there is not one Jew in that territory.

       And so, Goldstone joins that long list of anti-Jewish Jews who have besmirched the history of mankind since the first century when Barnabas, an Egyptian Jew, denounced the Jewish people with every calumny later repeated again and again by the haters until this very day.

        There follows a long list of such Jewish self promoters who hoped to gain advantages for themselves, like Goldstone, by siding with the enemies of the Jewish people. For example, in 336, Joseph of Tiberias, a former member of the Sanhedron, denounced his fellow Jews to the emperor Constantine, with horrifying results. In the 15th century, a former rabbi who called himself Paul de Santa Maria succeeded in creating the persecution of the Jews of Spain. In the 16th century the Jew Giovanni Solomo declared himself a Christian and promptly pretended that the Talmud insulted Christianity. Thereupon all copies of the Talmud that could be found were burned. Jews were murdered in the streets and horrible medieval tortures were inflicted on the Jews of Italy.

       Likewise, in 1509, a Jew named Pfefferkorn denounced the Talmud in Germany with similar results, except that a Christian student of Hebrew, Reuchlin, refuted Pfefferkorn’s accusations.

       Today we are plagued with many similar apostates. Richard Falk, a retired professor of international law, preceded Goldstone in accepting the chair of the aforementioned investigating committee. He traveled to Israel to begin his hate campaign but was not let into the country and therefore resigned in favor of Goldstone.

         Other anti-Jewish profiteers are Norman Finkelstein, who lost his job as professor of political science at the Catholic De Paul University because he had not written a single academic paper, as he spent all his time writing anti-Jewish books. Noam Chomsky, indeed a famous linguist at MIT, denounces Jews again and again and supports Finkelstein in his hate filled tirades.

     A British born Jew, Judt, now “teaching” at New York University, has written that Israel should not exist. He even blames the attacks on Jews in present day Europe on Israel and not on the neo-Nazis who commit these crimes.

     Goldstone now demands that the International Tribunal, a kangaroo court devoted to hating Jews, condemn Israel and Israeli soldiers for defending themselves from mass murder.

      The United Nations loves to appoint former Jews to do its dirty work. Such Jews can always be found. Yet, there are also Jews who will defend themselves, who will not walk into Goldstone’s gas ovens a second time, and who have learned the lessons of the Holocaust well. A Jew who cannot fight for himself is dead. That is what Goldstone and his henchmen want. They will not succeed.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Women & Social Change in America (2009).

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