President Trump & the Jews

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


If Hitler Were Alive Today, the Jews Would Vote for Him


Obviously and unfortunately we do not care for ourselves, our sisters and brothers.

Hitlerís severe hatred toward the Jewish people killed more than six million innocent, human beings: our innocent mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.  We were helpless and loved our religion and harmed no one!  We were tormented, ridiculed, and beaten mercilessly.  Our books were burned, our knowledge and innocence ignored and ridiculed.  We were beaten and finally tortured incessantly and beaten mercilessly to death.  We were innocent human beings,  and all were abused, whether children or adults, regardless of age, education, or scientific knowledge.  Everything that we owned was taken and food was taken from our often frail and innocent bodies.  We were killed in the most painful fashions.  No distinctions were made, as we were gassed and annihilated.  Hitler won, since we are only a minute part of the people of the world today.

It is unfortunate that the accomplished Jews who fled Nazi Germany are not generally not recognized as Jews.  Even Einsteinís religion is very rarely mentioned when people speak or write about him.  This is not, of course, only true of German Jews.  Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine that has now prevented so many children from becoming crippled, and numerous others, are rarely acknowledged as Jewish.  We commonly do nothing to rectify this situation.

The Jewish people have, however, benefited from a most unusual good fortune over nearly the last two years, despite ourselves. We have, for once, a fair, brilliant president, Donald Trump, who, despite the fact that most of us did not vote for him, looks at our religion fairly and truthfully.  He is perhaps the only president in our history, and possibility the only leader of any non-Jewish nation, who has treated the Jewish people without prejudice and with respect, as he does all religions, and not in the fashion of those who want to punish us because our religion is not that of the majority.  We must give this man credit for all the healthy and rightful laws that is implementing.  He is viewing reality, ignoring the criminals who want to engage in persecution.  He does not show favoritism, nor base his policies on historical untruths and propaganda, nor give in to people who are against a religion, a skin color, or a healthy reality. 

As Jewish people, it is time to take advantage of this unique opportunity to change course.  Stand up for yourself, your religion, and your decent and non-prejudiced President.


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles, including The American Drug Culture (with Dr. Thomas S. Weinberg & Dr. Gerhard Falk, 2018).

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