Parallels Between 1930s Germany and 2020 USA

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Then and Now

Many years ago, when I was a little boy in Germany, I witnessed the campaign  of Adolf Hitler in his effort to become the Chancellor of Germany. His real aim was to become dictator. He succeeded on January 31, 1933.

During his campaign, almost all German newspapers and radio programs supported the National Socialists, as Hitler’s party was called. They demonized the German president Ebert and later president Hindenburg. Now, almost all American media support the Democrats while demonizing President Trump. Then, the followers of Hitler beat citizens on the streets if the victim exhibited any support for the candidate of the other party. Now, in the United States, the followers of Biden beat  Americans who display support for President Trump. Then, in Germany, roaming violent gangs set fire to government buildings; now, in the United States, violent gangs burn government buildings. Then, in Germany, murder of innocent people including little children was frequent; now, in the United States, murder of citizens including little children is common. Then, in Germany, Hitler promised to prohibit the private possession of firearms; now, in the United States, the Democrats seek to eliminate the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms. Then, in Germany, the universities were almost entirely devoted to the Nazi cause  before Hitler gained power. Now, American universities are a cauldron of  anti-Jewish hate. Then, in Germany, the Nazi party, not yet in power, promised to abolish the German constitution, including the right to express an opinion not in agreement with Nazi aims. Now, the Democrats seek to abolish free speech by packing the Supreme Court with six more members who will agree to the end of free speech, the end of religious liberty, the end of all political parties other than Democrats. This will be achieved by eliminating the Electoral College, thereby turning the United States into a one party dictatorship.

Then, in Germany, the Jews became the targets of irrational hate; now, the Democrats in the House already include several anti-Jewish haters. Biden has promised to allow 77 million Muslims into this country. Since the Koran teaches Muslims to kill all Jews, the future of the American Jewish community resembles that of the German Jews  just before the ascent of Hitler. Then, the German Jews refused to believe that Hitler and his “willing executioners” would kill six million Jews; now, American Jews vote mostly for the same Democrats who include Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, Tlaib, and other  enemies of the Jewish community.

The evidence is all around us. The Democrats seek to dismantle the United States democracy and establish a vicious dictatorship in this country. If the Democrats win in November of 2020, that will be the last election ever held in this country as the land of the free and the home of the brave become the land of the slave and the home of the cowards.

I have seen before all that which most Americans never knew or forgot, including our Jewish brethren, who won’t  believe it until it becomes their turn … again.

Shalom u'vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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