Serial Killers

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Serial Killers - DeSalvo, Gacy, Kearney, Essex, Bundy, Bin Laden & Arafat


   Some years ago I wrote a book called Murder: An Analysis of Its Forms, Conditions, and Causes (McFarland & Co., 1990).

    Included in that book is a chapter on serial killers and an analysis of their common characteristics. Reviewing these attributes of serial killers now we must come to the conclusion that they fit the greatest enemy of the Jewish people, Arafat, and the American people, Bin Laden, just as they fit the other murderers listed above.

    The first of these traits is the wish of the serial killer to eliminate altogether a certain class of people. For example, Albert DeSalvo killed only middle class women. Juan Corona slaughtered only itinerant farm workers. John Wayne Gacy murdered only young boys, Arafat, like Hitler before him, kills only Jews, and Bin Laden slaughters non-Moslems.

   These killers believe that their victims are not human but belong to a separate and distinct class of people who have no right to live. Arafat and his supporters are convinced that no Jew has a right to live, just as Essex viewed all whites as devils whom he chose to kill one by one. The Bin Laden analogy, in light of recent events, is obvious.  Now it is of course evident that Bundy could not kill all women and that Arafat and his friends cannot kill all Jews. Not even Hitler succeeded in that. Yet, that is the aim of the serial killers. They want to slaughter all the Jews, or all the women or all the homosexuals or all etc. etc.

   Another characteristic of serial killers is that they are generally older than the ordinary street killers. That is certainly true of both Arafat and Bin Laden. Furthermore they kill classes of people against whom they have a grudge, usually imagined and not real.

   Serial killers are also better educated than the average killer. Arafat and Bin Laden both have degrees in engineering; Bin Laden additionally obtained a graduate degree in economics.  Serial killers, like Arafat, also act on perceived convictions which are seldom a reflection of reality. Therefore, the Syrian dictator, Assad, although a Moslem, sought to incite the Pope to hate Israel by telling him that “The Jews are Christ killers,” a belief long discarded by Christians.

   Serial killers, like Arafat, Bin Laden, Gacy, Starkweather and Essex enjoy killing. Like addicts to drugs or alcohol, these killers get a “high” every time they kill. This “high” lasts these killers a short while. Then they feel compelled to do it again and again.

   It is for this reason that any effort to negotiate any peace with Arafat and his murderous followers is useless. Surely, no one would have seriously considered negotiating with Bundy or Gacy. Fair minded observers know this and do not blame the Israelis for defending themselves against a terror that originates in the minds of brutal murderers whose sole purpose in life is to kill Jews.

    When these murderers came to the U.S. and previously bombed the World Trade Center we jailed them for life. Would any rational person suggest that we negotiate with Bin Laden’s followers now that these slaughterers of innocent human beings blew up our people at random in Washington and New York?

   Those who criticize Israel for defending itself against this mad terror are evidently motivated by the same religious bigotry which made Hitler so popular a generation ago. Yet, they and their friend Arafat will not succeed. Israel will live and the Jewish people will survive.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders (Prometheus Books, 2001) and over 60 other publications.

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