History of the Gaza Strip & European Hatred

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



       On June 12, 2014, Arab terrorists kidnapped and then murdered three yeshiva students in Israel.  Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frankel. One month later, Israel attacked Gaza, where the terrorists had built an elaborate installation designed to send thousands of rockets into Israeli homes. Crazed fanatics and followers of Hitler, the Arab haters seek to murder the entire Jewish population of the world, beginning with Israel. This left the Israelis with no choice but to defend themselves against these unprovoked attacks by using Israel’s air force against the madmen who placed rockets launchers into Gaza schools, mosques, homes, apartment buildings, and other places of civilian activities. The berserk idea behind this effort to bring on innumerable Arab fatalities was to gain the sympathy of the world, who, as always, blamed the Jews for the ensuing deaths. In short, the terrorists are willing to kill and maim and wound their own people for the sake of propaganda.

    The Arabs who live in Gaza had a great opportunity to demonstrate that they could live in peace, side by side with Israel, when the Israelis voluntarily left the Gaza strip between August and September 2005. The army evacuated resisting Jewish homeowners and farmers because Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, believed that the Arabs would recognize this effort demonstrating Israel’s peaceful intentions toward the Arab occupiers of Jewish land. Instead the Gaza population elected a terrorist organization to be their government. This gang of haters call themselves Hamas. Their purpose is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews wherever they may live.

     Gaza was at one time an Egyptian territory. During the War for Independence and the subsequent other aggressions against Israel, the Egyptian army attempted to capture Tel Aviv, which is only 43 miles northeast of Gaza. In this the Egyptians failed when the defenders of Kfar Mordechai, named after the leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, stopped the Egyptian attackers. Then, in 1967, when the Egyptians tried once more to destroy Israel, the Israelis won and occupied the Gaza strip as a measure of self defense against the killers. In 2005 Egypt agreed to leave Gaza in Arab hands after Israel left.

    In ancient Israel, Gaza was home to the Philistines. It was there that Samson shattered the Philistine temple. Over the centuries the Philistines assimilated to many other area nations and finally disappeared. Yet, the Arab immigrants from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, and elsewhere call themselves Philistines or, in Latin, Palestinians. These are all intruders on Jewish owned land and occupiers of a large segment of Israel. 

  It has become common to pretend that Israel is “occupying” Arab land when exactly the opposite is the truth.  The Bible, The Torah,  tells us the boundaries of Israel in Exodus 23:31 and  in Numbers 34:3-12. Here we find that Israel extends “from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, i.e. the Mediterranean Sea or Middle Earth Sea according to the ancient Roman view. Further, the Torah tells us that all of Sinai, called “the wilderness,” is part of Israel all the way to the Nile. The other borders are “from the Salt Sea eastward,” meaning the so-called Jordan, which is a British invention. The fact is that all of the land from the Mediterranean coast and including the east bank of the river Jordan is part of Israel.

Nevertheless, in 1921, the British occupiers of Israel arbitrarily handed the eastern part of Israel to Hussein, the brother of King Faisal of Iraq, who called himself King Abdullah the first. He really should have called himself “His Majesty's sycophant.”

Since  then the majority of the subjects of “Jordan” are Philistines who already have one country and now want to grab all of Israel as their second country while murdering all Jews and enriching themselves on all the property, all the land, all the furniture, all the factories, all the money, and all the possession the Jews would leave behind if only the Arabs could do what the Europeans did over seventy years ago. Even now, there is hardly a European who doesn’t have in his possession all kinds of belongings stolen from the murdered Jews. These Europeans are once more standing in the streets of Berlin and Hamburg, Frankfurt and Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels and screaming “Jews into the gas.” The ambassador of Israel, Yaacov Hadas, remarked that Germany once more resembles 1938 Germany, when these kinds of slogans were bellowed on every German street corner. Evidently, the Jews living in Germany have learned nothing from history, since almost all of the 250,000 Jews living there came from Russia to live in Nazi land. It is evident that unless the 1.4 million Jews still living among 750 million Europeans get out soon, they will end up like the 6 million seventy some years ago.

Hate of Jews is part of European culture, as visible in European literature in novels, plays and folklore. This lives on and on and makes Europe a continent soaked in Jewish blood. Therefore, the time is now to leave that accursed place and let the Europeans assault each other like their Arab friends, who don’t mind murdering Christians, other Arabs, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, and anyone at hand as long as they can find someone to kill.

Shem Yisborach must be revolted by all these haters and murderers who have the gall to commit their crimes in His Name.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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