Displacement in the Middle East

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries


     Thirteen of the twenty-one Arab countries had a Jewish population at one time. In 1948 and since then, all thirteen of these countries forced their Jewish population to leave for Israel or the United States or other places, enriching themselves on the property of these over 880,000 refugees. Therefore it is the obligation of these rich countries to compensate the Jews who were forced to leave lest they be slaughtered.

     The Jews who fled the Arab terror nations had been in these countries long before the Arabs came in the 7th and 8th centuries and therefore had a better right to live there than the Arabs, who came after the death of Mohammed in 632. In fact, the Jews were there longer than any Muslim or other Arab, just as the Jews preceded the arrival of some Arabs in Israel by hundreds of years. Moreover, the land east of the Jordan river, now labeled Jordan, is part of Israel, from which the Bedouin rulers of Jordan have expelled all Jews. The truth is that the English occupiers gave the land east of the Jordan to the Arabs, who had no more right to be there than they have a right to suddenly invade Vermont or Oklahoma.

      Here is a list of countries which owe Jewish refugees compensation for seizing Jewish property.

      Aden has no Jews today, but expelled 8,000 Jews in 1948. Likewise,  Algeria stole the property of 140,000 Jews who were forced to leave in 1948, so that Algeria has no Jews today.  It is “Judenrein,” as the Nazi friends of the Arabs liked to say.

      Other Arab countries were just as greedy as Aden and Algeria. About 600 Jews were expelled from Bahrain, and 80,000 from Egypt. Iraq decimated a Jewish community of 140,000, and the Lebanese enriched themselves on the expulsion of 20,000 Jews. Libya at one time had 38,000, Jews of whom none remain, although Morocco expelled “only” 265,000 Jews, with about 3,000 remaining today. There is not one Jew in all of the Palestinian territories. This means that any future Palestinian state would become cleansed of Jews, an effort which the Palestinians have already undertaken as they murder little Jewish children in their beds. The Sudan has only 300 Jews, all of whom fled for their lives, just as was necessary for the 30,000 Jews who once lived in Syria. Tunisia has a Jewish population today of 1,100. More than 105 thousand fled from the hate there. There are 350 Jews left in Yemen, whose people seized the property of 55,000 Jews who fled to Israel.

     Jews were also expelled from non-Arab Muslim countries. Five thousand Jews were expelled from Afghanistan, and 3,000 were expelled from Bangladesh. There were 150,000 Jews in Iran before their property was seized and they fled from the hostility of the population and the plans of the clergy-government.  Pakistan at one time had 2,500 Jews, of whom 250 remain. Turkey, not a Semitic land,  still has over 17,000 Jews.

     The Arabs therefore owe the Jewish refugees at least $300 billion to compensate them for the properties stolen from them. Unlike the so-called “Palestinian” refugees who left voluntarily because they would not live in a Jewish land, the Jews who fled Arab and other Muslim countries had no choice. At all times since the Arabs overran the Middle East and North Africa, Jews were treated in a most abominable manner by the Arab-Muslim majority. The truth is that Muslims were just as guilty as the European Christians of murdering and persecuting the Jews in their midst. There was never a time in all of Arab history that Jews were treated better than pariahs. Jews had no rights whatever in any Muslim country but could be robbed and slaughtered at will by any Muslim so inclined.

     Today, Muslims and many Europeans and others cannot comprehend that Jews, who were always victims of any sadist who came along, are defending their lives. Jews are not expected to defend themselves, say the Arabs and their friends. Jews are to walk into gas ovens and let themselves be murdered for the benefit of the world’s persecutors. Of course, it is difficult to adjust to circumstances totally new and unexpected. It seems absolutely impossible for the traditional hate mongers to understand that Jews fight back.

     Meanwhile the most popular literature in the Muslim-Arab world is Hitler’s Mein Kampf,  or My Struggle, translated into Arabic even as the haters preach “kill the Jews” and call Hitler a great man.

     The unusual heroism of Arab “freedom fighters” is best illustrated by the murder of the Fogel family, who were slaughtered while sleeping. On the night of March 11, 2011, two Arab “heroes” sneaked into the Fogel house and knifed to death the father, mother, and three children, all asleep. The youngest victim of this attack was a three month old baby. On hearing of this slaughter, the Arabs celebrated by giving their children candy. What heroes.

     Over the years, the Arabs have murdered thousands of Jews for whose lives they also owe the Jewish people compensation, although that is really no more possible than trying to compensate for the Holocaust.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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