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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Democrats:  Enemies of Israel and the Jewish People

In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor and dictator of Germany. On March 4 of that same year, Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated 32nd president of the United States. This meant that two enemies of the Jewish people had achieved extraordinary power on either side of the Atlantic.

It has been well documented that President Roosevelt was fully informed of the brutal persecutions suffered by the Jewish population in Germany as soon as Hitler attained power. Directly after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, brown shirted goons stood in front of Jewish owned stores and businesses and shouted ”don’t buy from Jews” as people attempted to enter a Jewish owned store. Today, in 2017, there are religious bigots who promote the so-called BDS movement, which also advocates that no one buy from a Jewish owned business.

The boycott of Jewish owned business was only the first event leading to the destruction of the German Jewish community. It was followed in short order by dismissing all Jewish civil servants, prohibiting Jews from working in any profession , followed by seizing all Jewish bank accounts, prohibiting Jews from using public transportation, forcing Jews to wear a yellow star on their clothing, burning down all synagogues, and finally sending Jews to the gas chambers. All this was supported enthusiastically by the Christian population in Germany and in all the countries occupied by the German army, as this allowed Christians to enter the empty homes of deported Jews and steal money, furniture, pictures and artwork, clothing, children’s toys, and everything else possessed by the murdered Jews.

In view of these horrendous conditions, a large number of the 680,000 Jews living in Germany amidst a population of 70 million applied for visas at American consulates all over Germany in order to gain permission to enter the United States. Seeking to prevent more than a minuscule number of Jews from gaining access to America, Roosevelt appointed his friend Breckinridge Long to oversee Jewish immigration from Germany. Long instructed all American consulates to give all Jewish applicants for a visa a number. The Jews were told they would be called when that number came up. This delay tactic resulted in letting only 85,000 German Jews into the United States before the entrance of the United States into the Second World War on December 8, 1941 (one day after Pearl Harbor). This tactic made Franklin Roosevelt a co-conspirator in the mass murder of the German Jews. It is significant that Congress had allocated so large a quota to German immigration that all 680,000 German Jews could have come to this country had not Roosevelt reduced that quota to 20% of what Congress was willing to allow.

The extent of the Democrat Roosevelt’s anti-Jewish hate is illustrated by his refusal to let a mere 900 refugees from Germany to enter the United States in 1939. These Jewish refugees had traveled on a German ship called the St. Louis from Hamburg to Cuba. Once it had arrived in Cuba, the Cuban government retroactively canceled the legal visas of these Jewish refugees and would not let these 900 Jews enter. The German captain of the St. Louis, Gustav Schröder, then circled off the coast of Florida and attempted to gain permission to bring the Jewish refugees to the United States. President Roosevelt not only refused to let these few Jews into the country but even ordered the United States Coast Guard to shadow the St. Louis to prevent the captain from running the ship aground so as to let Jewish refugees escape. Roosevelt exhibited his hatred once more during the Second World War when he refused to allow the US Air Force to bomb the rail lines leading to the Auschwitz death camp. Such bombardment would have made it difficult for the Germans to send endless numbers of trains full of Jews to the gas ovens. Evidently the Democrat Roosevelt wanted to see millions of Jews murdered.

The American Jewish community at that time was led by Rabbi Stephen Wise, a reform rabbi and politician who was president of both the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. His prominence led Franklin Roosevelt to invite Wise repeatedly to the White House, urging Wise to influence the Jews to vote Democrat and elect Roosevelt four times. Since Wise evidently had access to Roosevelt he was urged by some Jews to influence the president to allow more German Jews into the country. Wise absolutely refused to do so because he knew that Roosevelt did not want to hear anything about the Jews being persecuted in Europe. Instead of helping the German Jews, Wise publicly claimed that the German Jews were exaggerating their persecution because Catholics and Protestants were also persecuted. That was a lie. The fact was that Protestant ministers and Catholic priests marched at the head of columns of storm troopers singing such songs as “when Jew blood squirts from the knife, things go twice as well.” In the concentration camps, Catholic priests celebrated mass with the murderers and Protestant ministers sang hymns with the killers.

Stephen Wise publicly denounced Jews who sought to call attention to the mass murders of the European Jewish population and worked actively against any efforts to rescue European Jews. The reason Wise could behave in this manner and still be the leader of the American Jewish community was that the vast majority of American Jews agreed with him and were more than happy to prevent the entrance of German Jews into this country. Almost all Jews at that time voted for Roosevelt, caring nothing whatever about the massacre of their brethren in Nazi Germany.

The few German Jews who did arrive in this country were treated with disdain and contempt by the American Jewish community. Rejected from American synagogues, the German Jews founded their own congregations. The large Jewish organizations at that time refused to help the German Jews in any manner. We were therefore fortunate that at least the Salvation Army and the St. Vincent DePaul Society were willing to alleviate our destitution somewhat. Consider that in 1949 the victorious allies allowed Germany to form its first new government after the Nazi defeat. The new German government asked a committee of American Jews to accept a large sum of money for the purpose of distributing these funds to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust so they could commemorate the numerous Jewish communities which had been destroyed. The committee distributed the money to Polish Jews and to Jews from France, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Russia, and Jews from all the other countries which had been invaded by the German armies. The money was used to establish libraries and other memorials to each of the Jews from the numerous countries whose Jewish communities were no more. When the German Jews in New York applied for some of the money to that committee, they were refused. The committee would not give the German Jewish refugees one cent, even though the German government had allocated funds for the commemoration of the erstwhile German Jewish community. This refusal led the German Jews to ask a committee of Israelis led by the philosopher Martin Buber to raise the money there. Today there is in New York a Leo Baeck Institute commemorating the German Jews. The Institute was named after the last Rabbi of Berlin and was financed entirely by Israelis.

In view of this sorry record of the Democrats concerning the Jewish people, it ought not to surprise anyone that Democrats continue to be the enemies of Israel to this day. Consider that throughout the eight years of the Obama administration President Obama constantly denounced Israel. In the public mind, Israel translates into Jews. It is therefore obvious that the current increase in anti-Jewish behavior in  this country is the outcome of Obama’s disdain for Israel and his public insults delivered to Prime Minister Netanyahu on numerous occasions.

Obama incessantly invited Al Sharpton, the most vociferous anti-Jewish hatemonger in America, to the White House. Sharpton once stood in front of a Jewish owned clothing store in Brooklyn called Freddy’s Fashions and shouted to his followers, “burn down the Jew store.” His friends rushed into the store, poured gasoline all over the merchandise, and set the store afire. Five clerks died in that fire. Sharpton was then instrumental in bringing about the murder of  Yankel Rosenbaum, a Jewish theology student who happened to be walking on the street of Brooklyn when he was assaulted by a gang of Sharpton’s followers and stabbed to death. Before he died on the street he identified Lemrick Nelson as one of his killers. Nelson was tried for murder by a jury consisting of minorities who found him not guilty and  gave a party in his honor.

The Jewish community nevertheless supports Al Sharpton as well as the so-called civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who calls New York City Hymietown.

At the 2016 convention of the Democratic Party, the various planks in the Democrat platform were read to the delegates. On hearing that support for Israel was one of the proposed planks, a majority of the delegates screamed and hissed and unfurled a Palestinian flag. They then elected two anti-Jewish hatemongers to be chairman and assistant chairman of the Democratic Party. Keith Ellison, a malicious Muslim anti-Jewish propagandist, is now deputy chairman of the American Democratic party.

Even as these anti-Jewish events are promoted by the Democrats, the media and others pretend that President Trump is an anti-Jewish bigot. Yet Trump raised his children in such a fashion that his daughter and his son both married Jews. It is Trump who sent an Orthodox Jew to Israel as American ambassador, and his Jewish son-in-law as an American negotiator to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians, whose purpose is to kill all Jews. President Trump himself came to Jerusalem and prayed at the Western Wall, demonstrating America’s support for Israel and the Jewish people. President Trump appointed the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, to be ambassador to the United Nations, where she has consistently supported Israel against the most vicious attacks. In sum, it is obvious that Donald Trump has always been and still is a great friend of the Jewish people, even as the perverted media pretend that he is both an agent of the Russian government and a supporter of the Nazi party.

My Christian friends have often asked me how it is possible that the Jewish community supports and votes for Democrats, who are evidently the enemies of the Jews. The answer is at hand. That large number of so-called Jews who vote for the Democrats have long ago abandoned Judaism for a religion known as “liberalism,” which finds nothing wrong when an imam in California exhorts his congregation to kill all Jews.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The Assault on Democracy (2017).

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