Misguided Sympathies

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk

What's Under the Surface?


There is an old saying among the Germans:  “Ich will man wissen wie die Fische pissen. Unter dem Wasser sieht man es nicht uber dem Wasser tun sie es nicht.” (I would like to know how fish urinate.  Under the water it cannot be seen and above the water they do not do it).  This is how it is with numerous people and we can see this so clearly with the politicians.  On the surface they bring out the most positive things abut themselves as well as their accomplishments as well as future accomplishments “for all the people all of the time,”  a feat that is impossible to do.  Underneath it all are the facts: There is no way to satisfy all of the constituents, the rich, the poor, and those in between.  People are in varying stages of their lives.  They all have common human needs.  They have different habits, different wishes, different experiences, different parents, different religions or no religions, they are of different ages, different surroundings, have differing world views, and much more.

The politicians have one goal.  They want to win, come what may!  They will verbally express what they believe their constituents want to hear. They will damn their opponent and will say the most heinous things about him in order to enhance themselves. They will do wonders and “eliminate cucumbers.”  We can so clearly see it in this year's presidential election.  Our incumbent has ruined our economy.  He has created billions of dollars of debts by giving stimulus packages/money to corporations that were incapable of rescuing themselves.  He created debts for the citizens that will have to be paid by those who pay their taxes and generations thereafter.  Excluded are the users and those who do not want to work; those pretending disabilities and are behaving like infants who suck money, sometimes alcohol, instead of milk.  They can’t work and let the hard working middle class Americans do it for them.  The "generous" socialist/communist demands that all the people should tighten their proverbial belt, use only small cars, stretch their already over stretched income and pay taxes and more taxes. He, on the other hand, takes innumerable trips to foreign countries to enhance his reputation, and denigrates our country and its citizens by apologizing for our beloved Americans and our freedoms.  He also holds former presidents and leaders responsible what he has created. “Let freedom ring” has been forgotten by this man, and his desire is to be the dictator of a country that was once strong, independent, and envied by many of the countries and nations of the world.  Obama is at heart a Muslim, although he attended a Christian church where the minister damned America and painted all Caucasians with the same brush of being prejudiced against the African race.  Obama uses the “race card” incessantly, as does the First Lady, who publicly declared that she hated America until Barack became president.

Unfortunately the majority of the Jewish people have identified with Obama and his preachings.  Because we are a minority, they have erroneously joined his camp of pitiful minorities.  In reality, we have nothing in common with them except the minority status.  Unlike the majority of the Afro Americans, we have worked hard, have accomplished.  We have had among our people Jonas Salk, Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer, Szilard, Teller and many more.  The few that escaped the gas ovens during the Holocaust did not use the hardships to let their new nation support them.  They worked hard and used no excuses.  They did not pity themselves, but unlike those who were the descendants of slaves, the Jews through their efforts and labor became independent.  We do not use guns to prove a point.  We use our energy and our mental strength to accomplish!  Let us not identify with those who would destroy us because we have “rachmones” (pity).


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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