European Attacks on Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The End of the Jews in Europe


     The Jewish population of Europe is about 1.4 million in a total population of 815 million. This means that the vast majority of Europeans have never seen a Jew, who are only 0.18% of the European population. Nevertheless, attacks against Jews have now reached a level not known since the early days of the Nazi movement between 1929 and 1933, when Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany.

     It is therefore evident that the last Jews must leave Europe if they wish to escape the murderous intent of the European haters, who are already responsible for the murder of six million Jews in the past century and whose blood lust has no limits.

     From Ireland to the Ukraine, from Norway to Italy, the medieval brutes are once more screaming for the blood of the few remaining Jews who must leave that accursed continent or be slaughtered in yet another holocaust.

      Already Jews have left a number of European countries and moved to Israel, the United States, or Canada. Until recently, England had 340,000 Jewish citizens, now reduced to 270,000. This exodus is mainly due to the presence of several million Muslims in England, who assault Jews in the streets, burn synagogues, destroy Jewish owned businesses, and march through the streets of “Londonistan” screaming anti-Jewish hate. In this they are aided by many a British politician who denies the holocaust and curses Israel.

     Similar conduct may be seen in France, whose Jewish population is declining as more and more French Jews move to Israel or elsewhere, and Muslims murder Jews in the streets, kill Jewish schoolchildren, and assault rabbis wherever they can find them. The Jewish population of France is about 600,000, while the Muslim population exceeds six million. The French government will do nothing to protect its Jewish citizens, outnumbered ten to one.

     Norway, always a Nazi country and a collaborator with Hitler, had only 1,500 Jews among 5 million citizens until recently, when over 800 Jews left Naziway. There Muslims rule the streets and attack Jews. Jewish children cannot safely go to school, as Muslims seek to kill them with the aid of the local population. The Oslo synagogue has been attacked, as Muslims shot into the building and anti-Jewish graffiti is smeared on the walls of buildings. The elected officials of Norway make anti-Jewish remarks, and so called “comedians” insult the Jewish religion. Kosher food is prohibited, and a hate Israel campaign is under way.

     Likewise, Sweden is no longer the “liberal” country in Europe. In Malmø, which once had a Jewish community, the Muslims attacked Jews with impunity until almost all Jews left that gutter.

     Similar conditions exist in Belgium and the Netherlands, whose Muslims, abetted by the government, have destroyed the Jewish community. Today the Belgian diamond industry, once almost entirely Jewish, no longer exists. Almost all Jewish diamond merchants have moved to Israel.

     The Irish population is somewhat larger than 6 million, of whom only 1,500 are Jewish. Hate, the most important feature of Irish culture, invites  its citizens to kick the tiny Jewish community out of the country, even as they praise Hitler for killing millions of Jews.

     In Poland, there are only 10,000 Jews where 3 million once lived among 37 million inhabitants. There kosher meat has been prohibited, even as circumcision has been forbidden as well. Radio Marija constantly broadcasts anti-Jewish hate.

       Similar conditions exist in every European country, whose government, the European Union, has just announced a boycott of Israeli exports in the hope of seeing Israel’s destruction.

    The hate goes on and on. Therefore the end of Jewish Europe has now come, as the next dictator will organize another holocaust for those who still have learned nothing from the past and remain in a Europe drenched with Jewish blood.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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