They Profited From the Holocaust

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Beneficiaries


The mass murder of six million European Jews is constantly assigned to “The Nazis.” The phrase “Nazi” is not a word, but two syllables of four letters derived from the German word “Nazional,”  which is spelled national in English. Hitler’s political party was called Nazionalsozialistische  Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or National Socialist  German Workers’ Party.

By attributing the slaughter of millions to “The Nazis,” the Germans and others who benefited from  these horrors covered up their involvement in the persecution of the Jews.

The American corporation IBM profited immensely from the mass murders organized by Hitler and his cohorts. The president of IBM, Thomas Watson, traveled to Berlin to meet with Hitler. He told Hitler that IBM could help him to round up all European Jews destined for slaughter in death camps. IBM had acquired the rights to produce the so-called Hollerith machine, named after its inventor, Herman Hollerith, an American technician. That machine could be used to segregate Jews from any census of the population, so that the killers would not miss the numerous Jews not affiliated with a congregation or whose congregation was too small to be listed anywhere. There can be no doubt that Watson became a mass murderer when he explained to Hitler how the punch card system worked, making it certain that all Jews could be identified.  The Hollerith machines were the forerunner of the modern computer and very effective.

Watson continued to supply Hitler with the Hollerith machines even after the United States entered the Second World War.

Another corporation which made huge profits from killing Jews was Topf & Sons, a German business that made gas ovens used for cooking meat. This company won the contract to construct gas ovens used to kill Jews in death camps. They earned millions selling their ovens to the Nazi government .  The Krupp Steel Works, a German manufacturer of military equipment, used thousands of Jewish slave laborers to produce guns, tanks, rifles, ammunition, and other war equipment for the German armed forces. The Jews were worked as close to around the clock as physically possible. They worked seven days a week with very little food until they died from exhaustion. Numerous other German factories also used Jewish slave labor.

Then there was the Christian population of Germany and all occupied countries invaded by German armies. Here the local populations, particularly the Poles, stole all the possessions of the murdered Jews by ransacking the homes of the departed Jews. These Christian believers, called “Aryans,” proved that Jews are money mad by searching through the homes of the dead Jews for money, jewelry, art , furniture, bedding, kitchen utensils, clothes, and the car in the driveway, and stealing it all until there wasn’t anything left. The empty houses were then auctioned off by the local Nazi bosses to the highest bidder. To this day, large numbers of Europeans live in houses which once belonged to the murdered Jews, from France to Russia and from Norway to Italy.

During the war years, the German government, i.e. Hitler, deposited a great amount of confiscated Jewish bank accounts and art into Swiss bank accounts. The Germans meant to recover these accounts after winning the war, which they lost. The surviving relatives of the murdered Jews therefore demanded that the Swiss banks return this huge treasure to the Jewish families whose relatives had been murdered. To this day the Swiss banks have kept all the Nazi gold and refuse to release the stolen money.

There are today, all over Europe, inhabitants of erstwhile German occupied countries, who live in stolen houses with stolen furniture, stolen land, and stolen art.

More beneficiaries of the persecution of the European  Jews were all those who got the jobs from which Jews had been expelled even before the mass murders. All Jews were forced out of the civil service, and out of teaching in schools, from kindergarten to universities. All Jewish lawyers, doctors, and other licensed professions were handed to “Aryans” as the Jews were murdered. Even traveling salesmen and all other occupations were made “Judenrein,” i.e. “cleansed of Jews.”

Finally, the numerous ocean liners that transported Jews fleeing from the German killers made money selling travel needs.

Indeed , those of us who reached the United States and gained all the advantages of an American life will always be grateful to “Shem Yisborach” and those who helped us for the privilege of living in America.  Nevertheless, it cannot be overlooked that many Americans forced the poorest of the refugees to labor in their businesses and factories for below minimum wages because the refugees had no choice other than to accept any job, however underpaid and overworked they were.

Many more people around the world profited from the persecution of the European Jews. These profiteers and their descendants still enjoy the benefits of murdering Jews.

Shalom u’vracha.

  Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Jewish Community in the 20th and 21st Century (2021).


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