The Norwegian Massacre

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



The Jews of Europe


     The Jewish population of Europe has been estimated at 2,319,000 out of a total European population of 728,710,000, or 0.318%. This means that few Europeans have ever seen a Jew. Nevertheless, the Jews of Europe are today confronted with the same irrational hatred that was present there in the 1920’s and the early 1930’s shortly before the Nazi takeover in Germany in January of 1933.

     The current persecution of the European Jews has two origins. One is the traditional hatred of Jews taught in all European churches, in European literature, and in the folklore of Europeans. The second in the invasion of Europe by millions of Muslims from Arab and other countries, who bring with them the historical hatred of Jews which has always been a part of the Muslim religion and now also feeds on the European anti-Jewish heritage.

     There are at least 60 million Muslims in Europe today. These Muslims make it their business to attack the native born Jewish population in every country from Norway to Italy and from Ireland to the Ukraine. Consequently, Jews are leaving Europe by the thousands as another holocaust has once more become a possibility.

     Those who scoff at that idea and call it extreme are in the tradition of the German Jews of 1933 who would not believe that Hitler meant what he said  but preferred such doggerels as: “Es wird Alles nicht so heiss gegessen als es gekocht wird” (translate it yourself).

     Among the European hate mongers some countries have distinguished themselves as the worst promoters of religious hate since the days of Nazi Germany. Norway, with a population of only 4,600,000, houses about 800 Jews. Four hundred of the erstwhile Jewish population of 1,240 have fled to escape the burning of synagogues, physical attacks on Jews in the streets, and attacks on Jewish children in the Norwegian schools.

     During the 2nd World War, the Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling allied himself with Hitler and became the dictator of Norway. His name became a synonym for traitor, although that is no doubt unjust since the Norwegian population was and is in any case devoted to the persecution of Jews even without the German occupation.

     Under the leadership of Quisling, 15,000 Norwegian men served in almost all of the Nazi armies, of whom 6,000 served in the Waffen SS, which killed thousands of Jews. There was even one purely Norwegian division in the “Wehrmacht.”

     Quisling was not the only Norwegian politician to side with the Nazi regime. Arthur Quist and Sverre Riesnes were among many others devoted to the Nazi cause.

     The recent mass murders conducted by Anders Breivik in Norway which killed 77 people and wounded many more is the direct result of the takeover of Norway by Muslim extremists, who have demonstrated their hate of Jews and have been embraced by the Norwegian government and people even as Jews can hardly walk the streets or feel safe in their homes.

     What is true of Norway is also true of other European countries. In the Netherlands, the erstwhile home of Anne Frank, the prominent politician Fritz Bolkestein has demanded that the Jews leave the Netherlands for Israel or the United States as he and the Dutch in general support the Muslim attacks on the Jews in that country. The Netherlands have 945,000 Muslims, and until recently there were  30,000 Jews in that country. Many have already fled, so that that country will soon be “cleansed of Jews” Judenrein.

     Once more Europe is sinking into the pit of hate from the Ukraine to Ireland, as another dictatorship is gradually gaining ascendancy in that sinkhole of fascism and slaughter. As always, Poland and Germany are at the forefront of the Jew baiting.

     Of course, the day will come when those who now relish the attack on the European Jews will themselves become the victims of the aggressors, as they will once more prove Hegel’s dictum that “all we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” 

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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