German Jewish "Leaders"

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland; Central Council of Jews in Germany


   Nothing is as indicative of the standing of the Jews now living in Germany than the Central Council of Jews. This organization is by no means new. On the contrary, it existed in Germany in one form or another since the Middle Ages and was used then and now to speak to the government for the Jews living there.

    Prior to the establishment of the first German Republic in 1918, the council represented the German Jews to the Kaiser. The reason is and was evident. Jews were not ordinary citizens but were and are viewed as a separate entity whose birth in Germany makes no difference. Jews were and are outsiders who are not seen as individuals but as a foreign body, a mass who are all the same and who must have their own representatives.

     During the Nazi period, the Zentralrat functioned as a conduit for orders from Nazi officials to the Jewish community concerning deportations and other decrees.

     Now, fifty-eight years since Germany became independent again and claims to be a democracy, the Zentralrat is still there and Jews are still represented to the so-called democratic government instead of being individual citizens. It is once more the Zentralrat which seeks to make policy for all Jews in Germany. The Jewish politicians who are elected officials of this Zentalrat are once more toadies to the government and shake in their boots before any government official.

    This attitude is understandable, as public opinion in Germany is once more as anti-Jewish as always, as is common throughout Europe. Fearing that the 200,000 Jews now living in Germany will once more become the targets of every kind of persecution, the “leadership” of the German Jews distance themselves from Israel and practice the same old self accusations and self hate that marked the German Jews all these centuries. It is of course understandable that those who have nowhere to go would do anything to accommodate the hate mongers in order to survive. Now, however, this is no longer the case.

   Of the 200,000 Jews living in Germany, only 20,000 are descendants of pre-Nazi German Jews. The others are all Russian immigrants who made the horrible mistake of moving to Germany in the 1990’s so as to escape anti-Jewish hate there. Today, ten to twenty years later, the Russian Jews in Germany find what anyone outside of Russia could have told them. The Germans don’t like us, believe it or not, and Jews have no place in Germany.

   Therefore, the government of Israel has sent two emissaries to Germany to induce the Russian Jews to come to Israel and leave the land of the Holocaust behind. This should be welcome news to all who are interested in our survival. Not so the Zentralrat. The bosses of that organization complain that they don’t want any Jews to go to Israel and are now enlisting the German government in an effort to prevent the Aliyah of Jews living in Germany.

   Stephan Kramer, evidently the president of the Zentralrat, is actually seeking the intervention of the German government so as to prevent the emigration of Jews out of Germany to Israel.

    Obviously, the Zentralrat Jews never learn. There cannot be a future for Jews in Germany, not only because the whole country is a reminder of the 6 million of our murdered brethren, but also because the German population is ready to do it again. I don’t think they will succeed a second time. But the German population is anxious to side with the Arab terrorists and have recently voted that the most dangerous country on earth is Israel. How can a Jew live there when it is dangerous to wear a Kippa or a Mogen David in public, when synagogues have to be surrounded by barbed wire and a police watch at all times, and when Jewish grade school children are told that they should be gassed just like their 1940’s co-religionists. The favorite joke in Germany today is: “How many Jews fit into a Volkswagen?” Answer: “100”. Why? “Because they all fit into the ashtray.”

   The American Jewish community owes the Russian Jews in Germany that we protest and denounce the actions of the Zentralrat and do all we can to move the Jews in Germany to become Jews in Israel. This essay is the opening gun in that effort.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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