Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


Allen Leuten Recht Getan ist Eine Kunst die Niemand Kann (Part 2)

To Please All People is an Art that No One Can Accomplish


People have similarities and differences.  Our learning, our experiences, our lives are similar but also different.  Our religions, our experiences, our knowledge, our learning depend on who we are, what we have learned, accepted, repressed, found acceptable; who raised us, in what surroundings, how we were accepted.  Who was our role model; did we have one?  Who raised us?  Were they our parents or other caregivers?  What were their beliefs, their expectations, their likes or dislikes?  What were their expectations?

How were our surroundings?  Did our cries bring response or anger?  Who did we mimic?  Were our deeds met satisfactorily or otherwise?  There is so much that is important in rearing a new human being in how he or she develops.  Our mental, our biological being and all that we see, hear, feel, and observe from birth on has much to explain how we thrive and what we become as adults.

As Jewish people, we can become very proud of our heritage, learn our history, and accept ourselves with pride, or we can become our worst enemies, rejecting ourselves as the Nazis and other of our enemies have done.  We can believe their diatribe and virtually run from ourselves.  Like all human beings, we are vulnerable.  Some are like innocent prisoners who are beaten daily and who are minimized until they ultimately believe that they deserve the brutalities of their prison guards.

Looking at reality, we must stand together, observe our accomplishments, and be proud of our brethren.  Our Israeli brothers and sisters will not tolerate the attacks of the hateful Arabs; the American Jews are recognized for their achievements in the sciences, including medicine and more.  There are too many exceptionally accomplished Jewish men and women to mention here.  Lives have been saved by people such as Jonas Salk, who prevented deaths of children because of his work, and great scientific advances were made by Albert Einstein.

Unfortunately there are a number of our erstwhile Jewish brethren who have abandoned us and have identified with our enemies.  We cannot change them.  We must recognize all that we as a people have accomplished and be proud of our heritage.  We must not join our enemies and accept their hatred.  One Hitler was one too many!  We must never allow our brethren to be diminished, either by words or deeds.  We will never please our enemies!!


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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