Henry Kissinger & Israel

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Henry (Heinz  Alfred) Kissinger


     Few Jews have had the opportunity to defend the lives of the Jewish people against our enemies as did Kissinger when he was the Secretary of State of the United States in 1973.

     Yet, Kissinger, during his tenure in that position, did everything possible to bring about the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of yet another 5 million Jews. In that he did not succeed because President Nixon, a man who ranted anti-Jewish epithets, saved the people of Israel from mass murder against the wishes and machinations of Kissinger.

     On October 6, 1973, the Egyptian army, supplied by the Soviet Union, crossed the Suez Canal and initially defeated the army of Israel in the Sinai. At the same time the Syrians assaulted Israel in the Golan heights, so that Israel had to fight a two front war, which at first seemed to lead to Israel’s defeat.

     In view of the losses Israel was taking on October 6 and for the first week of the fighting, Israel was losing the war. Had this happened, the entire population of Israel would have been slaughtered Nazi style by the Arab haters. In face of these developments, Kissinger, himself a refugee from Nazi Germany, refused to supply Israel with the ammunition and weapons needed to defend themselves. It was only when the then Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, appealed directly to President Nixon and also threatened to use the atomic bomb that Israel was given the needed tanks, guns and ammunition to turn certain defeat into victory. In fact, General Ariel Sharon and his troops crossed the Suez Canal and came within 50 miles of Cairo when Kissinger threatened to cut off all aid to Israel unless they retreated back to the Suez. Israeli troops had surrounded 50,000 Egyptian troops and utterly defeated both the Egyptian and Syrian armies.

     This displeased Kissinger, who then forced Israel to lift the siege of the defeated Egyptian army, demanded Israel retreat from the Sinai, and openly sided with the Arab haters, whom he called his friends. Kissinger also told American Jews that he would not allow Israel have any further American weapons unless the American Jewish community stopped helping the Soviet Jews to emigrate.

     Although Kissinger held up arms shipments to Israel, he told the Israelis that the then Secretary of Defense, Schlesinger, was responsible for the delays. He also told Moshe Dayan, Israel’s Minister of Defense, that the Soviets were about to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. This was not true, but led the Israelis to agree to Kissinger's demands. There can be no doubt that Kissinger turned Israel’s remarkable victory into a diplomatic defeat and the subsequent loss of the Sinai.

     Kissinger's hatred of the Jewish people was evident even before the Yom Kippur war debacle. On a visit to Israel, he refused to visit the Yad Vashem holocaust museum, which all other diplomats visited on first arriving in Israel.

     Over the years since then, Kissinger has accepted awards from numerous Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the United Jewish Appeal.

      Kissinger is of course not the only Jew who has betrayed his people for personal gain. In our own day, Tony Judt, a NYU historian, who died recently, joined with Noam Chomsky of MIT fame, Norman Finkelstein, and Richard Goldstone in defaming the Jewish people and promoting the destruction of Israel.

     As early as the first century C.E., a Jew named Barnabas wrote anti-Jewish tracts later repeated by every bigot on earth from then to the rantings of Martin Luther in his infamous “The Jews and Their Lies,” written in 1543, to Hitler’s propaganda minister Göbbels.

     Kissinger will be remembered in Jewish history as a brutal apostate who damaged us and sought our deaths like Haman before him. He has not succeeded except to be known as the Torquemada of his day.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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