Jews & the Democratic Party

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Teaching of Contempt


During the meetings of the Catholic bishops at the ecumenical council called Vatican II, the church fathers were confronted with a document entitled “The Teaching of Contempt.” This book, written by the French Jewish historian Jules Isaac described how centuries of Christian Jew baiting led to the gas ovens of the Nazi years, even if the churches did not directly participate in that persecution.

 Today we see that the so called “liberals” once more fulfill the function of disseminating contempt and hatred for the Jewish people. Supporters of our Arab enemies, “liberals” seek to destroy Israel as they actively promote the Arab cause. The national liberation movement of the Jewish people, Zionism, is regarded as anathema and an opprobrium by “liberal” politicians. While shouting from the rooftops for the civil rights of everyone from the Hottentots to the Albanian Nazis, “liberals” make Israel the target of denunciation in language reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels.

 Who then are the “liberal” antagonists of Jewish survival today? Sen. John Kerry, the grandson of Jewish immigrants, who tries his best to hide the fact that his name is really Kohn, leads the pack. On October 20, 2003 Kohn-Kerry spoke to the Arab-American Institute and said concerning Israel’s wall-fence: “…we don’t need another barrier to peace.” Evidently, Kohn-Kerry views Israel’s effort to protect its citizens from murder as a barrier to peace. The murderers, however, are exempt from Kohn-Kerry’s criticism as he called the effort by the government of Israel to defend themselves “provocative and counterproductive.”

 These remarks are very significant in light of the decision of the so-called International Court of Justice to demand that Israel tear down the wall and pay “compensation” to the Palestinian killers. That decision was endorsed by almost all of the members of the United Nations General Assembly, except for the United States and Israel. Because the resolutions of the General Assembly are sent to the Security Council for enforcement, it is vitally important that the United States uses its veto to prevent the haters from sending an army into Israel or use their overwhelming majority to impose economic sanctions on the survivors of the Holocaust. Our president, George W. Bush, has already said that we will of course veto any such action by the Security Council. Since Kohn-Kerry agrees with the Arab view that the wall-fence must come down we can assume that in a possible Kerry administration no such veto would inhibit the Euro-Arab alliance from destroying Israel. 

 Another great “liberal” is the former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Forever an enemy of the Jewish people Carter wrote several essays in the New York Times demanding that our government stop its support for Israel. A few days ago, after Carter spoke to the Democratic Convention in Boston he was interviewed by reporters. Again, he could not refrain from attacking Israel even though no one asked him about Israel at the time. His hate for the Jewish people is so deeply anchored in him that at a speech in Geneva, Switzerland, Carter used an old Nazi phrase and speculated that if he had been re-elected President for a second term “I would have imposed the ‘final solution’ on Israel”. Carter blasted Israel for defending itself against the terrorists and blamed the Arab attack on the World Trade Center and other Arab atrocities on “the Jews” but not on the killers and murderers.

 Additional haters are easily found among the Democrats and their “liberal” allies. There is the hater Michael Moore who produced the anti-American film “Fahrenheit 9/11”. Moore gave an interview to the German weekly Die Zeit in which he denounced Israel and the United States and allied himself with the German Jew haters and America haters at the same time. He said then that the United States should give the terrorist Arafat helicopters with which to attack Israel. Moore was a prominent speaker at the Democratic party convention where he again attacked his own country in time of war. Evidently the “liberals” never met a terrorist or dictator they didn’t like.

 Included in the present anti-Jewish cabal is the former candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States, Al Sharpton. This “civil rights” leader finds it convenient to stand in front of Jewish owned businesses and shout anti-Jewish slogans until his followers burn down the store. This happened on February 29, 2000 when Sharpton stood in front of Freddy’s Fashion Mart and screamed: “bloodsucking Jews” and “f…ing Jew bastards” and threatened to burn the building down. Later that day, Freddy’s was burned down by an arsonist who killed seven people. 

 Then there is of course the darling of the Jewish community Hillary Clinton who calls Jewish supporters “f…ing Jew bastards” (Wall Street Journal July 24,2000). Hillary also kissed Suha Arafat after she claimed that “the Jews poison the water supply.” That vicious accusation comes directly from Hilter’s book and the haters of the Middle Ages. Her husband, Bill, another enemy of the Jewish people twisted the arm of the former prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, to give all of Jerusalem, all of Gaza, all of Judea and all of Samaria to the terrorist Arafat. That fool refused the offer, hoping for the total destruction of the remainder of Israel. 

 Finally there is Representative Cynthia McKinney of Georgia. This hater has revived the anti-Jewish blood libel, claims Jews organized the attack on the Word Trade center, accepts millions of dollars from foreign Arab governments for her campaigns and rants against Jews at every opportunity in and out of Congress. Of course, she is a Democrat.

 In general it is no exaggeration to say that the Democrats are today the home of all who seek the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Therefore, those who vote for that party are voting for the most anti-Jewish policies ever promoted by a major American political party. The choice is clear. Vote for the Democrats and vote for more anti-Jewish hate. Vote for George W. Bush and vote for the survival of Israel and the Jewish people. 

 Which side are you on?

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Man's Ascent to Reason (2003) & the forthcoming Football & American Identity.

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