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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Christian Zionism Today


     We have discussed Christian Zionism before but find it important to return to that topic now, when the Obama administration has become the first American government unwilling to support the survival of Israel.

     Earlier, on July 15 of this year, Christians United for Israel met in Washington, D.C. and heard a speech by Representative Michelle Bachmann and others demanding that the U.S. government accede to the demand that our government recognize that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of that land. Although Congress passed a law making it clear that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, as it has been for over 3,200 years, Obama refuses to obey this law in his anxiety to placate the Arab haters. To counter this attitude, Christians have established The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

     It has been estimated that there are about 55 million Christian Zionists in this country. Almost all of them vote for Republican candidates. These Christian Zionists outnumber the American Jewish population about ten to one, although it is a mistake to assume that all Jews are supporters of Israel.

       At the July convention of Christians United for Israel, The Rev. John  Hagee of Texas organized a college student movement to counter the Arab anti-Jewish propaganda present in almost all American colleges and universities. Rev. Hagee also sponsors a TV program on Sundays and other times in which he promotes the relationship of Judaism to Christianity and counteracts the “liberals” who claim that Israel has no right to exist.

     A good number of Jews choose to believe that evangelical Christians who support Israel have a hidden agenda seeking to convert Jews to Christianity. Yet Hagee and other evangelical Christians assure everyone that they have no interest in converting Jews. Evidently, the claim that evangelicals seek to proselytize the Jewish community is Arab propaganda seeking to undermine the relationship of Jews to Christians. The fact is that the need of presidential candidates to gain the vote of these 55 million has led the politicians in this country to give these Israel supporters a good deal of consideration.

    It is of interest that Christian Zionism precedes Jewish Zionism by many years, beginning with the translation of the Hebrew Torah by William Tynsdale in 1530. That translation led to widespread enthusiasm in England for the restoration of Israel, which was viewed as a revival of ancient Israel, including the patriarchs, Moses, the prophets, and other biblical characters. Foolish as these notions may have seemed, English politicians were urged to push the Sultan of Turkey, who occupied the land, to allow the Jews to return and create another Israel.

     Nothing came of that notion until the British drove the Turks out of the Holy Land in 1917 and invited the European Jews to come and settle there. Few Jews came until after the Holocaust, finally leading to the independence of Israel in 1948.

     The fact is that English Zionists had been very influential in promoting the settlement of Jews in the Holy Land, despite the ambivalence of English politicians in face of Arab opposition.

     In America, Christian Zionism was widely supported by the public, despite President Franklin Roosevelt's opposition to Jewish survival. This support is still common among Republicans. A recent Gallup poll shows that 78% of Republicans but only 53% of Democrats support Israel. Yet, the vast majority of American Jews vote Democrat, thereby displaying an utter indifference to the survival of the Israelis.

     This attitude among American Jews is as old as the Jewish support for the bigot and Jew baiter Franklin Roosevelt, for whom Jews voted for years, never giving a thought to the persecution and mass murder of their European brethren.

      Now Christian Zionists have established a lobby which pressures politicians to support Israel. Because of their size, the 55 million are more powerful politically than the Jewish community, and can be counted on to support Israel, even when such former Jews as J Street, Finkelstein, and Chomsky have abandoned us.

     There are numerous Christian Zionist groups in this country. We have counted forty-six such groups, including Catholic Friends of Israel and even Abrahamic Faith, consisting of former Muslims converted to Christianity.

     It would be most helpful to our Israeli brethren if the American Jewish community were somewhat more interested in our evangelical friends than in promoting the cause of the so called “liberals,” who seem to attach that label to every form of fascist ideology from suppression of free speech to censorship of the press, attacks on freedom of religion, and the gradual introduction of a police state in this country.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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