Arab Motives

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Kill the Jews!


   "Kill the Jews"!

   So scream the Arab mobs as the race through the streets of Chevron, Beth Lechem, Beirut, Cairo, Tripoli, etc. etc. and all the other twenty or so Arab capitals.

   It takes no historian to remember that the Germans and their allies screamed similar epithets in the 1920’s until Hitler did what the mobs had screamed. Likewise, the French mobs bellowed the same message at the time of the false accusations against Alfred Dreyfus in 1894.

   Then, as now, there were and are Jews who pretend that they are hard-of-hearing or that the killers don’t really mean what they shout. Many years ago, that attitude cost the lives of thousands of German Jews who could have escaped the “fatherland”. These Jews, including some in my family, kept repeating the German proverb “es wird alles nicht so heiß gegessen wie es gekocht wird” or “ nothing is eaten as hot as it was cooked.” Wrong. The screaming killers meant it then and they mean it now.

   After Ehud Barak, formerly prime minister of Israel, ceded everything to Adolf Arafat that the terrorist wanted, Arafat refused the offer. He was given all of Judea and Samaria. He was given half of Yerushalayim, he was even given weapons by the previous government under Shimon Peres. Not good enough. Now if Arafat really didn't want a Palestinian state, what did he want and what does he want now?

  He and his cohorts want murder. They want another Auschwitz. They want to kill Jews. Killing Jews is more important to the Arabs than any Palestinian state. Now you may say that is crazy. Such an assertion is “extremist”. Is it?

  In 1941 the Germans invaded Russia. In the winter of that year, their troops needed overcoats and sweaters and warm socks badly because they had not beaten Russia during the warm months. Therefore these goods were accumulated at German railroad stations to be shipped to the German front in Russia. However, Eichmann and Hitler refused to send the warm clothing to the soldiers stuck in the Russian winter. They refused because the railroads which could have carried the winter clothes were being used to ship Jews to the gas chambers and that, said Eichmann, was more important.

  So it is with Arafat and his cronies. Killing Jews is more important than any other goal of the various terrorist movements. Read this:

  Religious leaders of the “Palestinian Authority” teach and preach to their followers that 1. Jews are the enemy of Allah (Shem Yisborach). If you are Jewish this means you. 2. The killing of a Jew is a religious obligation. If you are a Jew, killing you is a religious obligation. 3. All agreements with Israel are temporary in nature. We already discovered that. 4. Islam is fighting a religious war against the Jews. This means that Indonesia or Morocco or Egypt or any of the 1 billion Moslems are fighting you and me.  5. Palestinians are the vanguard in this war but all of Islam is obligated to assist them. 6. All of Israel, from the Jordan to the sea, is Islamic and any Moslem who relinquishes any of that land goes to hell. 7. Allah will replace Moslems who shirk their duty to fight Israel. 8. The ultimate destruction of Israel is a certainty.

   Innumerable written statements of this sort are also available. This hate is distributed to school children, to newspaper readers and to TV watchers.

   It is therefore evident that the so-called Palestinians, i.e. Philistines, commit their daily terrorism not because Israel exists; not because Jews live in Judea and Samaria; not because some Jews live in King David’s ancient capital Chevron; not because of anything any Israeli or other Jew has ever done or failed to do.

   We are here dealing with the same psychotic hate which led to millions of Jewish deaths on the grounds that we were (are) “Christ Killers”, a lunatic accusation used by the dictator of Syria on the occasion of the recent visit of the Pope to Damascus.

   It would be easy for me to belabor the point again and again by citing more and more Arab hate propaganda taken directly from the pages of Der Stürmer, the Nazi hate sheet published by a monster who was hanged at Nürnberg in 1946.

   Suffice it to say that Jews who still refuse to believe our Arab enemies and even side with them against Israel are in the same position as the super patriotic German Jews who, in 1933, sent a telegram to Hitler assuring him of their loyalty and describing their services to the German cause in World War I. Hitler ordered their immediate arrest and murder. In short, the self haters died first.

   We Jews have never done one thing to harm or even insult any Arab. We have never shot except in self-defense. The entire war against the Jews of this world is totally and entirely the fault of the bigots and haters of today, aided and abetted by the haters of yesterday.

   The “haters of yesterday” are the Europeans who now once more encourage the Arabs to continue their aggression as a sequel to the mass murder of 6 million of our brethren in the European gas ovens between 1933 and 1945. Once more the so-called European Union finances the Philistines and recently had the gall to demand that they be given a chance to send European “observers” into Israel. Such a demand has only one purpose. Blame the Jews and send in a European army to do the bloody work of the Arabs for them. Israel has rejected that demand and so must we.

   Write or send an “e” mail to your congressman now and demand that all financial aid to the so-called Palestinian state stop now. We Americans have no need to finance anti-Jewish and anti-Christian hate mongers in their effort to bring on another Auschwitz. Do it now. Stand up for yourself. Be a Jew.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders (Prometheus Books, 2001) and over 60 other publications.


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