German Culture and Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Jews in Germany (Deutschland) Today

One of the most astonishing conditions occurring in Deutschland after the Second World War was that almost all “Aryan” or Christian Germans suddenly changed from being a convinced Nazi to a democrat. Of course, “Nazi” is only a syllable derived from Hitler’s party called Die Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or  The National Socialist German Workers Party.

If reminded of the atrocities inflicted on the Jewish population of Europe by the German people, it turns out that these hideous crimes are acknowledged by the Germans, although there is no one in all of Germany who actually did murder six million Jews. The Germans admit to a moral responsibility for mass murder but find no one guilty. The administration of Konrad Adenauer, who was appointed the first chancellor of Germany after the Nazi era, found that all former Nazis were now democrats entitled to political appointments by the Adenauer administration, although there were numerous qualified people in Germany who were not convicted Nazis. It was argued by the supporters of these appointees that these  were “not really” Nazis but only conformists, when in fact these men had killed many Jews. The West German government sought to distinguish “normal” people from “real” Nazis,  although the NSDAP was a mass party. The same people who were storm troopers and shouted with joy at seeing Hitler get driven through their streets now claimed they were forced to join the Nazi Party.  Almost all Germans “knew nothing about the murder of the Jews,” and were only innocent bystanders, although they stole all the property of the dead Jews. Every one was only a “Mitlaufer,” or “fellow traveler.”

While the number of Germans who killed Jews was fairly small, large numers of ordinary citizens benefitted by driving Jews out of their jobs, which were then occupied by so called “Aryans.”  Entire businesses were seized by “Aryans” after the Jewish owners had been gassed to death. Houses and their contents were stolen from dead or emigrated Jews. This property belongs to the descendants of the thieves to this day. Only a few returned stolen property to the descendants of those who had been murdered. Police and army personnel were often former Nazi killers in Adenauer’s Germany, leading to the conclusion that Adenauer was a Nazi sympathizer.

The legal profession was largely staffed by judges who had sent thousands to their deaths during the Nazi years but who now were once more judges in the “new” Germany. The killer judges were actually rewarded for their barbaric conduct. Physicians who had conducted horrible operations on death camp inmates were installed in their professions. Many of these doctors had engaged in euthanesia killings of people called by Hitler “unwertes Leben,” or worthless life. There were some trials of former Nazi killers in Germany carried out by German prosecutors after 1949. These trials were distinguished by the great sympathy the judge showed the Nazi killers.

During the Nazi years, thousands of Jews were forced to work in German factories whose owners made huge profits from this slave labor. These industrialists are even now in possession of large factories whose profits were enlarged by using Jews who were starved and worked to death by corporations who even today still profit from the cruelties inflicted on defenseless Jews between 1933 and 1945.

Present day Germans claim that they are innocent of all Nazi horrors because they were not yet born when Hitler ruled. Yet the same Christians blame current Jews as “Christ killers,” although nobody ever lived 2000 years. Furthermore, culture is persistent. Wagner and Beethoven are still part of German culture, although they lived in the 18th and nineteenth centuries.  The German language is very old but is still in use. German scientific achievements are still in use no matter how long ago they were attained. Therefore hate of Jews is as common today in Germany as driving a car or singing the German anthem. Furthermore, all public opinion polls show that bigotry against Jews is as common as eating sauerkraut and that Germany, as Hitler screamed, will be the land of the concentration camps and the gas ovens for a thousand years.

Surprise.  200,000 Russian Jews moved into Germany since the 1970’s. All it needs is a depression or major unemployment and the so-called German Jews of today will once more confront another Adolf.

Shalom u’vracha.

  Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Jewish Community in the 20th and 21st Century (2021).

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