The Hobby Lobby Decision

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Freedom of Religion

Recently the three Jewish members of the U.S. Supreme Court voted to abolish freedom of religion in this country. Those who value the right to engage in any religion or no religion were fortunate that five members of the court voted to uphold the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the government from making any law pertaining to religion.

Anyone acquainted with Jewish history in Europe and in the Muslim countries knows that Jews were victims of the most brutal persecutions among Christians and Muslims for 1,900 years. The final act of religious hate was the Holocaust, provoked by the Christian demand that Jews convert to Christianity. Likewise, Muslims persecuted Jews for failure to accept Islam.

In view of this sorry history, it would seem that Jewish judges would uphold the U.S. Constitution and thereby prevent the kind of horror which religious hate inflicted for so many centuries upon Jews in Muslim and Christian countries alike.

Unfortunately, privilege leads to forgetting. Born in freedom, these judges and almost all American Jews are “know nothings” concerning Jewish history.

This phenomenon is not limited to three judges on the Supreme Court. Otherwise one can hardly explain how it is possible that almost all American Jews support our enemies with money and with votes.

An excellent example of this phenomenon is Jewish support for the most malicious hate monger in America, Al Sharpton. This so-called Reverend stood in front of a Jewish owned clothing store in Brooklyn and shouted to his followers: “burn down the Jew store.” His friends did just that, resulting in the deaths of eight employees of that store. Yet, Jewish politicians and “civil rights” advocates deny this man’s hate tirades and send him money.

Samantha Power, now the ambassador to the United Nations, advocates sending the U.S. Army into Israel in order to force Israel to accommodate all demands by the Palestinian terrorists. She also told an interviewer that the Jews have all the money and repeated all the other trite and malicious accusations used for centuries against Jews everywhere. Yet, almost all Jews vote for Obama and any Democrat, however hateful.

This knee jerk vote for Democrats has an eighty year old history. Almost all Jews voted for Franklin Roosevelt, who was without doubt a co-conspirator in the mass murder of the European Jews. He refused to let the U.S. Air Force bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz, knowing that this would have saved thousands of Jewish lives. He would not let a ship full of Jewish refugees land in the United States so that the Jews were returned to Germany and murdered.  He sent two emissaries  to the British mandate government in the Holy Land to encourage them not to let any Jews into that country. He said at the Casablanca conference that he could well understand that Germans were disgusted with Jews, who were overrepresented among bankers, lawyers, doctors, and professors.

Now we even find Jews who denounce Israel and ally themselves with the Arab murderers. These Jews are reminiscent of the KAPOS in the Nazi murder camps who tortured other Jews in the belief they would be spared. Not so. The KAPOS were also murdered.

Yet, the Jewish community votes for the Democrats, who are overwhelmingly anti-Israel and contain among themselves almost all the foremost Jew baiters in this country.

Can you name any  other ethnic group that supports its enemies?

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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