Consequences of the Presidential Election

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


If the Democrats Win the 2020 Election


The United States will become a one party dictatorship. This will be achieved without altering the Constitution.

First, the District of Columbia will become a state. That will give the Democrats two more senators and therefore a perpetual majority in the senate.

Then, the House will be redistricted by gerrymander, giving the Democrats a perpetual majority in the House of Representatives.

Next, the popular vote will be used to elect the president  and the electoral college will be abolished. That will give he Democrats a perpetual majority  for the election of the president.

Then the First Amendment will be circumvented by abolishing free speech. This will be done by excluding from employment anyone holding  views other than allowed by the Democrats. Already now this has become reality, as the New York Times fired an editor for allowing a Republican senator to write an editorial critical of Democrats. It is even more visible in our colleges and universities where only Democrats are appointed to the faculty, and students are indoctrinated with socialist propaganda. Differences of opinion are not allowed, as students who have “wrong” opinions are given failing grades and professors with “wrong” opinions are fired or not hired in the first place.

The police will be entirely abolished and violent crime will become even more than it is already. In New York City the murder rate has increased dramatically with the decrease in police protection, and in Chicago violence has become so common that innocent little children are murdered at will while playing in  the backyards of their homes.

The Democrats want to abolish the second amendment altogether and prohibit gun ownership. That would make the citizens powerless to defend themselves against  criminals and against Democrat efforts to reduce the citizen to a vassal of government bureaucrats.

Taxes will go “sky high” as the government will increase regulations and dictates by unelected bureaucrats telling all citizens what to do or not do in their daily private lives. As taxes rise phenomenally, large corporations will leave this country, thereby leading to massive unemployment. The unemployed will therefore be paid with taxpayers’ dollars collected from the middle class, who will be subject to roaming gangs who will, then as now, destroy storefronts and loot merchandise, burn down churches and synagogues, assault citizens in   the streets, and destroy public and private property at will. This is already going on now.

 Socialists will attack religious institutions. They will prohibit clergy from expressing opinions not approved by the Democrat hierarchy, so that congregations whose opinions are not in line with Democrat dictates will lose their tax exempt status. This will force all religious people to keep their mouth shut lest taxes will make their further operations impossible.

Political opinions expressed by Republicans will be denounced and their proponents accused of sexual misconduct, psychiatric disabilities, and “lying to congress,” which is nothing more than  failure to agree with Democrats who don’t want to hear any opinion but their  own.

The media, then as now, will be propaganda machines for the Democrats.  This is already the case today with perhaps one exception. Therefore the public will never know facts but only lies, as in all dictatorships.

Millions of foreigners will invade the United States and be granted citizenship on arrival. These foreigners will always vote Democrat and constitute a perpetual majority, as all  other political parties will disappear. American citizens will become unemployed as cheap foreign labor seizes all jobs.

Thus, democracy will come to an end when a demented fool becomes president and the haters of freedom, individuality, religious liberty, and the right to free speech drive this country, the only democracy on earth, into oppression of the citizens in favor of  a small ruling class seeking to perpetuate their  power over millions of those whom  they will exploit for their private gain and the impoverishment of everyone else.

It goes without saying that “the Jews” will be blamed for all that goes wrong.

Shalom u'vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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