Arab Hate & Jewish Self-Hatred

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Arab Greed


The 300 million Arabs surrounding Israel complain incessantly that they are the victims of discrimination and are subject of unequal treatment by the Jews and their allies. Their complaint is mainly that they, the Arabs, have not been allowed to profit from slaughtering six million Jews, as was the privilege of the Europeans between 1933 and 1945. Then, all the European nationals who participated in the extermination of the Jewish people in Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Greece, and others, stole the homes, furniture, clothes, dishes, kitchen utensils, cars, pictures, and money of the Jews they had murdered. In addition they also stole the possessions of those Jews who escaped. To this day the killers or their descendants all over Europe enjoy the rewards of their bloody deeds. Now almost all Europeans keep the profits from those huge killings. Even the Swiss, who were not invaded by any German army, continue to profit from keeping the money deposited in Swiss accounts by those later murdered. In short, nothing is so profitable as the mass murder of Jews. In fact, even the gold teeth of the gassed corpses were removed by Christian greed and turned into wedding rings.

The Polish population are to this day the main beneficiaries of these horrors, as they participated with the German invaders in killing three million Jews living among them. It is significant that today, when there are no Jews in Poland, the most popular radio station in Poland is Radio Marija, which is devoted to endless anti-Jewish hate propaganda.

Now the Arabs believe that they should have the same opportunity to kill six million Jews and profit from such mass murders as was the privilege of the Europeans two generations ago. In 1948, in 1956, in 1967, and again in 1973, huge Arab armies attacked Israel from all sides, only to be defeated in their effort to kill for the sake of enriching themselves at the expense of dead Jews. Having failed, the Arab terrorists kill Jews in Israel, but also all over Europe, only to find that this time the Jews of Israel will not walk into their gas ovens again. Now the cowards find that they cannot grab Jewish property, Jewish land, and Jewish possessions at will. For once, Jews are defending their lives.

Of course, the Arabs have already stolen a good part of Jewish possessions, as they forced 800,000 Jews out of all Arab countries and then stole all the erstwhile Jewish possessions there and in the Holy Land.  All of the east bank of the Jordan river is part of Israel. Yet, this territory was handed to the Arab terrorists by the British occupiers in 1920 and called Jordan. In addition, 1.6 million Arabs moved into Israel between 1948 and the present in order to profit from Jewish development of the Holy Land. In short, all Arabs living in Israel are newcomers who seek to profit from Jewish cities, schools, hospitals, farms, roads, and other developments. No Arab has a right to be in Israel. Yet, they complain that the Jews won’t leave a country that has been Jewish since 1200 B.C., i.e. for 3,200 years.

In their effort to destroy Israel, the Arabs are helped by the Democrat party in the United States. The current president, a determined enemy of Israel, has let it be known that if reelected he will favor the reduction of Israel to a coastal strip along the Mediterranean, which would make Israel indefensible behind the Auschwitz line. Such a move would also cost over five million Jews their homes, then to be occupied by Arab armies as staging grounds for an attack of the proposed remainder of Israel. This is a sure recipe for another Holocaust.

It is not surprising that a Democrat president is an enemy of the Jewish people. This has been so since Franklin Roosevelt, our 32nd president, refused to allow our air force to bomb the rail lines leading into the Auschwitz death camp, refused to support the Wagner-Rogers bill which would have allowed Jewish children to enter the United States during the Holocaust, and even refused to let a few Jews enter the United States when the Cuban government would not let the Jews land in Cuba despite their entrance visas and a promise of asylum. In fact, Roosevelt deliberately cut the immigration quota for Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution far below what Congress had intended.

Despite Roosevelt’s evident hatred of the Jewish people, American Jews voted for Roosevelt in large numbers. The same phenomenon is now evident. Again Jews support a president who exhibits his ill intentions toward Jews and Israel every day. He refuses to let Jonathan Pollard out of a hideous prison in which Pollard has been locked for years as a warning to all Jews. He insulted the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on a visit to the White House, as a direct message to all Jews. He proclaimed solidarity with the Egyptian terrorists in a speech in Cairo but has never visited Israel. He excluded Israel from several international meetings because the Muslim Turks hate Jews. It is obvious that Obama is a great danger to the survival of six million Jews in Israel. Yet, Jews today, as in the days of Roosevelt, keep voting for this enemy of our people. It is reasonable to assume that if Hitler came back to life and ran for office as a Democrat, the majority of American Jews would vote for Hitler. The evidence? Jews support the vicious hate monger Al Sharpton and any other anti-Jewish hater so long as he is a Democrat.

Democrats have a long history of racism and religious bigotry in this country. Years ago, when I was a soldier in the 94th Infantry and later in the 302nd Infantry, I was stationed some of the time in Georgia and later in Mississippi. There I saw segregated schools, churches, stores, even drinking fountains. Then, during the voter registration drives for blacks in the 1960’s, Jews in large numbers came from the north to help the minorities gain their rights in the “solid south.” Solid meant all elected officials were Democrats, such as George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, who shouted “segregation forever” at the door of the state university, and “Bull” Connor, who set dogs upon people seeking their right to vote.

Several Jews were killed in their haste to help minorities in the south. Their reward? Open hatred of Jews by the same community who gained so much from these stupid Jews. According to a recent Gallup poll, about 10% of Americans are anti-Jewish haters. Among the 13% of Americans who belong to minority groups, 34% are Jew haters. Yet, Jews keep voting for all of this.

Like the lemmings who drown themselves in the ocean, the majority of Jews help their enemies and forget their brethren, only to find that in the end the Amadinejads of this world make no distinction between the so-called “liberals” who seek our destruction and the people of Israel who defend their lives every day against the murderous hate of the Arabs and their allies. Hitler killed all Jews, liberals included. That would be a good lesson to remember for those Jews who still worship the hater Roosevelt and his successor in the White House.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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