The Middle East Studies Association

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Middle East Studies Association

There are numerous scholarly associations in this country. These associations derive their membership almost entirely from professors who teach and research in various areas of interest on the campuses of our colleges and universities. These associations range from anthropology to zoology and have one thing in common. All of them attempt to discover new and useful information in an objective and dispassionate, non-political manner. This means that we can fairly well rely on the findings of archeologists, economists or historians as published in their several journals, books and monographs. Of course, there are constant revisions of knowledge as new information becomes available. Nevertheless, every effort is made by the scholars in these numerous “fields” to allow all opinions to be represented and all views to be heard.

The only exception to these rules is the Middle East Studies Association. MESA, which travels under the umbrella of “objective scholarship”, is in fact a propaganda machine devoted to the destruction of Israel and the persecution of the Jewish people.

The former president of MESA is a professor at the University of California who is called formally, “King Abdul Aziz al Saud Professor of Islamic Studies”. This means that in addition to his ordinary salary, the professor receives extra income from the Saudi government to teach their point of view to the students at the University of California. Now we all know the opinion of the Saudis concerning Jews. The Saudi dictatorship tell their people that Jews bake “matzohs” with the blood of children, that we poison the drinking water, and that we are subhuman. This message comes directly from the rantings of the late Joseph Göbbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister. Göbbels called Jews “ferment of decomposition”, whatever that means. These concepts, together with the demonization of “World Jewry”, are now the standard ravings of the Saudis and their supporters. Remember that 15 of the 19 brutes who killed 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 were Saudi citizens as is Osama bin Laden, despite an attempt by the Saudi dictators to pretend otherwise.

Recently, the MESA elected a new president. This man, you guessed it, is a Jew. Now we are ready to shout “self hating Jew”. Yet, that is not really the case here. The new president of MESA makes certain that all know that he has a Jewish mother and Jewish father and that he lived in Israel and that he speaks Hebrew. By certifying his Jewish origins this leader of the campus campaign against Israel and “the Jews” believes that he is now creditable in his attack on the 5 million survivors of the European-Arab holocaust. Therefore he lectures the media who need no additional encouragement to skew the news against the Jewish people. He tells the media that America is hated in the Moslem world because the U.S.A. supports the survival of Israel. According the the MESA message, it is no crime for an Arab to throw bombs into Jewish restaurants and kill folks at their Pesach Seder. However, it is criminal for the Jews to defend themselves. Of course, earlier we were told that the Jews were themselves responsible for the Holocaust because they did not defend themselves. Well, what do you know? Jews are wrong both ways. That is really no news, is it? Are we not all capitalists and communists at the same time?

We learn further from the speech of the Jewish MESA president that it is wrong for the United States to provide Israel with “nearly $5 billion” in aid every year. Of course, nothing is said about the immense support Egypt receives from the U.S. taxpayer each year nor that the European Union supplies the “Palestinian Authority” with money to support homicide bombers and their families.

According to MESA it is also wrong for our government to veto the anti-Jewish hate resolutions constantly proposed by the Arab delegates to the U.N.  MESA also pretends that it is somehow the fault of “the Jews” that Christian Arabs entered the two Arab camps, Sabra and Shatilla, and murdered 2,000 “innocent Palestinians” there. In sum, when Arabs murder Arabs “the Jews” are at fault.

Together with the media, MESA uses a vocabulary worthy of the predictions of George Orwell, the British novelist, who wrote a book called 1984 in 1948. In that famous book Orwell predicts that we will all live in a dictatorship ruled by Big Brother who will, among other things, force us to use a language Orwell called Newspeak. That language, now adopted by MESA and their friends in the media, translates all rational thought into its opposite. In Orwell’s novel, the government tells its people that war is peace, that freedom is slavery and that ignorance is strength.

Likewise, MESA and their allies in the media call Judea and Samaria “the west bank”.  The truth is that our very name, Jew, is derived from Judea, the province of Israel which was named after the son of Jacob, Judah, and which is the most ancient source of Jewish civilization. We are also told that a Jew born in Efrat or other Israeli towns is a “settler” while an Arab born in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria or any of the other 20 Arab countries is a “Palestinian refugee”. An Egyptian born terrorist, Jassir Arafat Husseini, is called “president” of a non-existing country. This immigrant nephew of Hay Amin al Husseini, former “mufti” of Jerusalem and companion of Hitler in Berlin during the second world war, is not and has never been a “Palestinian”.  He is an Egyptian. In fact, the very word “Palestinian” is utter nonsense. The majority of the Arabs now living in Israel came there from 20 different Arab countries to take advantage of Jewish ingenuity, investments and “blood, sweat and tears”. The only thing these so-called Palestinians have ever contributed to the world is murder of innocent people.

The whole world knows that in 2000 the former Prime Minister of Israel offered to relinquish all of Judea and Samaria and most of Jerusalem to the so-called “Palestinian Authority”. Everyone also knows that Arafat turned down this offer. Had he accepted it he would now be the dictator of “Palestine”. Yet, he refused. Now, believe it or not, the Jewish president of MESA blames the government of Israel for that refusal. The reasons for this crazy accusation cannot be understood by a normal person. It makes as much sense as claiming that we bake our bread with the blood of children. Yet, here it is. The Jews are always at fault.

Now to top off the Göbbels like propaganda against the Jewish people orchestrated by MESA and its “Jewish” president, these people are now collecting signatures from so-called Jews on a petition to our government calling for the “immediate end” of U.S. aid to Israel.

Of course we and our enemies all know that if Israel should lose the support of the U.S. then Israel would at once be invaded by the 260 million Arabs surrounding that small country. The outcome would be the massacre of every one of the 5.5 million Jews living there. Therefore, those who demand that our government stop the support of Israel are in fact advocating another Holocaust.

The source of all this Jew-bashing may be found in the Marxist orientation of the Middle East Studies Association and its pseudo-Jewish president. Karl Marx (1818-1883) was the founder of the Communist party and author of Capital. The grandson of two rabbis, he wrote anti-Jewish tracts. Marx wrote that "... the Jew contributes nothing to civilization” and that “the Jewish god is money”.

During the years of Nazi domination of Germany, the anti-Jewish diatribes of Karl Marx, the Jew, were prominently displayed on German streets, in German newspapers and in German propaganda tracts. Likewise, the Middle East Studies Association resorts to such defamation, having derived its inspiration from that 2,000 year old “great hatred” which fueled the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian “pogroms” and Auschwitz.

Knowing all this, write to your congressman and tell him/her that you object to the financing of the MESA with $20.5 of your taxpayers' money.

Do it now.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders.

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