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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Obama's Arab Money


   Democratic candidate for President Barack Obama has declared that he will not accept the $84 million public funds to run his campaign. The Republican candidate, John McCain, has accepted that money and is therefore constrained by spending limits.

   This raises the question of Obama’s motive. Surely, he cannot campaign without the funds needed to advertise on television and in other media. It costs about $180 million or more to run a campaign for president. Therefore it is evident that the Democratic candidate must have some source of gaining such a huge sum outside the public money available to him. Undoubtedly that source of money is Saudi Arabia and other Arab contributors.

    Allegedly, the campaign finance laws do not allow foreigners to finance American candidates. That, however, is not true because the finance reform laws have left a “loophole” by which foreigners can introduce themselves into the American election process.

    Evidently, Obama’s money must come from somewhere and that somewhere are the Arab oil bosses. Taking advantage of our befuddled election laws, the Arabs can give money directly as well as indirectly to the Obama campaign. By indirectly is meant that the Arab oil bosses can and do send vast amounts to their co-religionists in the United States who then funnel these dollars to the Obama campaign.

   Therefore, Obama can buy immense amount of time on television and other ads. Since elections are not decided on the basis of the candidates' competence but on the basis of the emotions of the moment, there is a good possibility that the Jew baiter Obama will become president.

   Representative Steve King of Iowa said in March of this year that if that should happen then the jihadists will dance in the streets, as they did on 9/11/2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked. King rightly predicts that the election of Obama would mean that the terrorists will have won their war against the United States as we will surrender to them and their supporters.

   Of course, that surrender will at once lead to the abandonment of Israel by Obama and friends. These friends are his advisers such as Samantha Powers, a Harvard professor, who said repeatedly that Obama should send a large American military force into Israel and force the Israelis to accept the Arab terms such as reducing Israel to the 1948 lines, allowing all Arabs who want to do so to move into Israel, cutting off all economic and military aid, etc.

   Another of Obama’s advisers is Jimmy Carter, who said in Switzerland in December of 2003 that had he been re-elected to a second term he would have found “the final solution” of the Jewish problem. Anyone may guess what that phrase means. One thing is certain. Carter doesn’t like Jews, as explained in his anti-Jewish book and his anti-Jewish editorials in the anti-Jewish New York Times.

   Other advisors of Obama are professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. They re-wrote and republished The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but called their book by a different name. That book, according to Alan Dershowitz, accused “the Jews” of having all the money, having too much influence, ruling America from “behind the scenes” and being disloyal to the United States. The book includes many other accusations and distortions.

   General Merrill McPeak is Obama’s security adviser. He claims that the Arab rejection of Israel and their hatred of Jews is the fault of the Jews of New York and Miami who support Israel. McPeak claims that Israel has no right to exist and that even if it does continue then it should be reduced to any area the Arabs are willing to accept.

   The long time anti-Jewish hate monger Zbigniew Brzezinski is another Obama advisor. This Polish immigrant comes from a long line of European hate mongers who advises the destruction of Israel. According to Brzezinski,  Israel needs to be eliminated and supplanted by “Palestine”. Brzezinski was Carter’s foreign policy advisor.

   Then there is Susan Rice, a former assistant secretary of state who preaches anti-Jewish hate at every turn, as does Robert O. Malley, whose parents were Egyptians. They published a rabidly anti-Jewish magazine and raised him as a Jew hater of major proportions. Today, Malley is a security advisor of Obama with particular responsibility for the Israel issue. Since Malley’s parents were great friends and supporters of Yassir Arafat,  Malley is as supportive of the Hamas terrorists of today as were his parents of the terrorists of their own day.

   Finally there is the Jew hating George Soros, a super billionaire. Soros is a financial backer of terrorists and Jew hating groups and makes little effort to hide his raging hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.

   There is much more. Obama is the enemy of the Jewish people. Jews who vote for him are voting for their own destruction, as did the German Jews of the last century. Every Jewish congregation should include a prayer on every Saturday to the effect that Obama not become president. Even those who care nothing about the fate of our brethren in Israel ought to know by now that those who hate Israel hate all Jews.

  On May 17, 2006, the Catholic Church convened a committee of bishops in Argentina which dealt with Catholic-Jewish relations and which declared that anti-Zionism and anti-Judaism are the same thing and that neither can be accepted.

   Therefore let us make sure that no Jew votes for Obama, who seeks our destruction. Says the German proverb: “Aber die aller dümmsten Kälber wählen ihren Metzger sellber”  (The most stupid calves choose their slaughterer themselves).

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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