FDR & the Jews

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


The Holocaust Remembered


FDR and the Jews, written by Breitman and Lichtman, is a very insightful book about the relationship between the President and the alleged “help” he gave to the Jewish people shortly before and during the Holocaust, which cost the innocent lives of six million of the Chosen People.  Roosevelt, like many folks in high political position, was a narcissist and an anti-Semite.  He was first and foremost concerned about himself, his election and re-elections.  He knew about the heartless, sadistic murders that took place in Europe and did not care.  He suggested that innumerable places/countries should open their territories but not the United States. Instead he tightened the quotas considerably to avoid entries of Jews to America.  He hid behind his underlings, his friends, and others to avoid what was against his decision and wishes.  He ignored anything that might have harmed his re-election and did not intervene in the brutal murders that took place from the end of the 1930’s to the middle of the 1940’s.  In addition he was able to delude the small minority of Jewish Americans that were citizens of the United States.  They believed his propaganda and proudly displayed his photograph on their walls in gratitude for accepting them and “protecting” Jewish people from harm.  He was exceptionally skilled in covering these folk with delusions! 

During the torturing, the theft, the mass murder, and the brutal killings, Roosevelt had reports, pictures, and other knowledge of the situation.  The concentration camps with their gas ovens were known and Roosevelt had feelings only for himself and his success to be THE Chief regardless of the death and torture of the Jewish people.  He was satisfied allowing these, the chosen people, to be besmirched, diminished, and eradicated, without obviously feeling any guilt or responsibility for using his power and his influence to stop the mass murder by Hitler, his henchmen, and the entire German criminals, which included the majority of that country's population.  The helpless Jewish inhabitants, the CHOSEN PEOPLE, were tortured and annihilated.  Roosevelt did not freely open the doors of our country to save the Jewish children that were ultimately annihilated in the arms of their mothers.

Unfortunately we have become fewer and fewer, since a number of our brethren have become self haters, taking on the hostility of our enemies.  These people have thrown away their religion and have nothing to do with it, and have often lost their religious identity entirely.

We learned much from history.  As people and especially as Jewish people we must stand together and protect each other.  We are proud of Israel and the brave men and women who will not allow the hostile Arabs or other enemies annihilate them.  We also have to examine which politician in the United States will be sensitive and appreciate humanity regardless of religion.  Freedom of religion is essential.  We must study whichever politician is on the side of our people and choose the one who believes in “freedom  and justice” for all of  humanity.

The small number of us who are personally able to have survived at the beginning of the horrors of the Holocaust and the memory of the terror and helplessness that is left with us as children can not totally describe what remnants and fears are still with us. The experiences and their outcome can never be forgotten or changed.  Such hatred is indescribable and should never again be allowed to take place in a civilized world!


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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