The Danger of Believing in Fairy Tales

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk




“Morgen, Morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute”  (Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, all the lazy people say).  This is an old proverb stating that preferably tomorrow rather than today they want to do a particular task.  Sometimes that is false advice.  When your taxes are due on April 15 and you mail them a day or more late, you will be charged extra money for interest and penalties.  If you are injured and bleeding, you may lose enough blood to need a transfusion or lose the injured limb. If there is a job advertised and you wait to apply, it most often is taken.

The Holocaust has taught us an important lesson.  Those German Jews who waited for Hitler’s mind to change were changed.  They were changed through inhumane tortures to skeletons, to ashes, to rotting meat, ultimately to death!  There is no magic dust.  We must act quickly and with knowledge.  History and reality are essential.  Fairy tales are for children!

As Jews, we are often mistaken.  We help people in need, folks who are different, who seem lost!  We have “Rachmones” (pity) for folk who have problems; often our enemies who would destroy us if they could, no matter what we have done for them.  We should not help our enemies who would annihilate us if an opportunity arises.  We must most importantly take care of ourselves, our welfare, and that of our brethren who are in need.

We learned from the German Jews that whatever good they had done for their fatherland, how they fought in World War I; how many medals they received for bravery, was erased when Hitler came into power.  They were dragged from their homes, beaten, ridiculed, and annihilated.  The neighbors with whom they had been friends and considered their kindred, stole everything they owned, including their money, their furniture, and their homes.  These gentiles had no pity for these Jewish people and enjoyed ridiculing, stealing from, and torturing them.   They had no conscience with their kind and generous Jewish neighbors.  All that they had gained from their Jewish neighbors was forgotten and no amount of sadism practiced was enough.  Gratitude did not exist. Only  vicious hatred was noted.  The majority of Germans did not care whether their victims were infants or adults; the treatment they gave was inhumane.

The Israelis have learned from history that there is no excuse for blind hatred.  The people will take no hatred, no pity against Palestinian murderers.  They are prepared to fight back.  They do not allow their enemies to delude them.  They will not accept lies and hatreds! The Jewish people in Israel will take no venom from their enemies, nor will allow these criminals to delude them.  They can not convince the world of their innocence when they stand there and attempt to annihilate the Israelis in their land, the Jewish land.  We have suffered and struggled enough!  False promises from the Arabs are unaccepted!  Reality is visible.  We cannot be duped again!  We have learned from the past and from the “here and now” what exists and what is delusion!!!


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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