Congressman Weiner

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


Anthony Weiner:  A Living Embarrassment


Abedin Huma, a Saudi Arabian woman, a Muslim, an enemy of the Jewish population of Israel, is the wife of Anthony Weiner, a Congressman from New York.  Weiner,  Jew, shamed us all by exposing his erection on the internet to be admired by females. Abedin was chosen by Hillary Clinton as her assistant, representing first and foremost her people, the people who are terrorists and opponents of anything Jewish and are eager to annihilate Israel without a second thought.  It is egregious, sacrilegious, and subhuman, to cooperate with the hatred of our enemies and to marry one of them.  Obviously Congressman Weiner is a man filled with self hatred who made a spectacle of himself when he felt it necessary to expose himself and then lied by denying his deed and accusing an innocent human being by insisting that his photograph belonged to an unsuspecting bystander.  A man with his alleged intelligence must have had some notion that he was placing himself in jeopardy.  Obviously he has no shame, no character, and no consideration for his ancestors, for the ten commandments, for his religion.  Obviously he does not respect his Jewishness, its laws, its respectability  or himself.

When looking at this man's facial features, his characteristics and his bearing, one is reminded of the hate sketches of Streicher, the Hitlerian propagandist who pictured long nosed creatures, caricatures, into his hate sheet the Stürmer, which posed as a newspaper.  That was the order of the propaganda against the Jewish people to rile up the Germans against all of those our faith.

Weiner had a wonderful honorable position as Congressman.  His constituents voted for his appointment year after year.  That in spite of his semitic unsightly features.  Life was good to him.  Like the old European adage goes:  “Es geht ihm zu gut”  (he has it too good).  He apparently wanted more attention, possibly adulation.  Without a doubt he received the attention that he craved, even though it destroyed his “good name.”  Now Mr. Weiner is well known! His persona is now added to all the other sexual deviants who sought attention through exhibitionism and flawed unacceptable behavior.  Like several other politicians, including our honorable erstwhile president Bill Clinton, he will be remembered!


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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