Who are Friends of the Jews?

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




     The United Nations, dominated by Muslim countries, is a direct successor of Hitler’s Nazi party. According to the U.N., everything  that is wrong in this world is the fault of the Jews. Therefore, even an attack on Israel by terrorists determined to destroy Israel and kill its population is the fault of the Jews.

     This is also the view of Greta Berlin, the organizer of the recent assault against Israel by the hate mongers who sought to break the blockade of terrorist ruled Gaza by sending two ships to the Nazi gangsters who govern there. Berlin is the wife of a Palestinian killer whose hatred of Jews resembles the psychotic craze of Joseph Göbbels, Hilter’s propaganda minister.

     The Muslim nations surrounding Israel organized the effort to supply the Gaza terrorists in an attempt to send more missiles and more rockets into the towns and cities in Israel. Their sole purpose is the killing of Jews. It is the belief of the 1.5 billion Muslims and their supporters that no one believing in Judaism has a right to live on this planet. Therefore the Muslims and their supporters view themselves entitled to kill all Jews whether living in Israel, Nome, Alaska, South Africa, or the middle of Siberia.

     It was of course a colossal error for Israel to abandon Gaza in 2005 with the expectation that the haters would recognize this concession and at least accommodate the Jewish state. Instead, the terrorist organization Hamas has ruled there since then and used the territory to fire rockets into Israeli towns and cities, killing civilians at random. There can be little doubt that any territorial concessions made by Israel to the haters would lead to similar results. If Israel were so stupid as to give the “Palestinians” land within Israel, this would be used to shoot into the remainder of Israel and destroy it entirely.

     In short, the Arabs and their supporters don’t want to live in peace with Israel. They want murder, destruction, bloodshed, and devastation .They want to kill Jews.

      The United Nations gangsters, prodded by Turkey, want to have an international inquiry into the deaths of nine terrorists who came to support Gaza on a Turkish ship. It is of course certain that such an “inquiry” will find Israel guilty of every crime known to man and that the terrorists will be exonerated by the same bigots who blamed Israel for the Gaza war in the winter of 2008-2009. The war was the outcome of the three year assault on Israel by rockets fired at Sderot and other Israeli towns by the Gaza terrorists. Yet, the so-called international committee sent there by the United Nations found nothing wrong with the killing of Jews and blamed Israel for defending itself.

     The chairman of that inquiry was the former Jew Richard Goldstone (Goldstein) who sought to ingratiate himself with the haters by blaming Israel for the war caused by the terrorists. Goldstone is of course not alone. There are other former Jews, like Richard Falk, who have always been enemies of their own people with a view of gaining money, fame and publicity for their betrayal.

     Throughout Jewish history, some Jews have sided with those seeking to kill the Jewish people. Most prominent among these self haters was Karl Marx, the founder of the communist party and author of Das Kapital, which influenced the Russian establishment of the Soviet police state and the Chinese dictatorship. Marx, the grandson of two rabbis, wrote a vicious anti-Jewish polemic which the Nazis reprinted in their publications. Excerpts from Marx’s anti-Jewish hate writings were displayed on banners stretched across the streets in German cities.

      Today, Richard Goldstone, seeking to become secretary general of the United Nations, has betrayed Israel and the Jewish people by selling out to the enemies of Jewish survival . It will do him no good. The haters will hate him too, for he is a Jew ,like it or not.

      There are those who say that nothing has changed - that the hate of Jews continues as ever. Yet, there is a difference between the condition of the Jewish people then and now. The Israelis have the means to defend their lives. This was never true in Europe, where Jews were defenseless and slaughtered indiscriminately.

     Since the current administration led by Obama has shown no interest in defending Israel against its enemies, the time has come for Jews to end their idiotic support for the Democrats and their idolatrous kneeling before the Islamic haters. A Jew who votes Democrat votes for the destruction of Israel. Take a look at public opinion polls. Only 58% of Democrats have a favorable view of Israel as compared to 73% of Republicans. Moreover, Democrats in Congress refused to sign any resolution favoring Israel in connection with the war in Gaza, the construction of housing in Jerusalem, and the assault on Israel by the blockade runners. Republicans favored Israel in all of these situations.

     How much longer will American Jews support a party that seeks our destruction?

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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