Mordechai Vanunu

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Mordechai Vanunu seeks the destruction of Israel. In that he is not alone, since he is a convert to the Anglican branch of Christianity, a church whose clergy preach anti-Jewish hate with a vehemence that would do justice to the Dark Ages. For the British Jewish community this means that Jewish cemeteries are regularly vandalized, Jews are beaten on the streets and synagogues are burnt down. Anglicans teach that God hates all Jews because all Jews are “Christ killers”.

Vanunu sold Israel’s atomic secrets to a British hate sheet also known as The Sunday Times in 1986. That so-called newspaper is a notorious anti-Jewish tabloid which spreads the same old canards against us, the Jewish people, that have been around these 2,000 years and have led to so much persecution, hate and bloodshed (Jews bake matzohs with the blood of Christian children, Jews poison the drinking supply, Jews rule the world etc.).

Vanunu had gone to Australia in 1986, where he unveiled to a local journalist that he had in his possession numerous photographs of the Dimona nuclear reactor, where he had been a technician for nine years. The Sunday Times richly rewarded Vanunu for his story. With the money he flew to Rome, Italy, to meet a woman he had first seen in London. Arrived in Rome, this “American tourist” lured him to the outskirts of the city, where she said her sister had an apartment. On entering the flat, Israeli agents, of whom “Cindy” was one, overpowered Vanunu, and brought him by ship to Israel, where he was imprisoned for treason eighteen years, ending in May of 2004.

It may be recalled that the American traitors such as Aldrich Ames were given life terms for their treason.

On his conditional release from prison, Vanunu complained to the media sharks that he could not leave Israel. This condition for his release is of course necessary because Vanunu may have more secrets to tell his bigot supporters. More important is that Vanunu has announced that he would like to travel in the Arab countries, in Europe and in the U.S. and campaign for the destruction of Israel. It is noteworthy that Vanunu became an anti-Israel propagandist when he studied philosophy with Professor Evron Pollakov at Ben Gurion University. Believe it or not, the “liberal” academic establishment in Israel is as anti-Jewish as they are here.

Vanunu is now the “darling” of the anti-Jewish haters in Europe and in the U.S. All of these haters scream that Israel should divest itself of its nuclear deterrent, knowing full well that without the nuclear bomb Israel would be overwhelmed by its 280 million Arab neighbors and utterly destroyed. Even that great appeaser Shimon Peres told a CNN interviewer “For us the issue (atomic deterrent) is really to be or not to be.”

Having finished his prison term, Vanunu moved to the Anglican church in Jerusalem called St. George’s Cathedral. From there he sells his hate to the European media who visit him and bleat that Israel should be disarmed. Vanunu also pretends that he was imprisoned because he is a Christian and not because he sold atomic secrets.

It is undoubtedly a most revolting truth that in every generation there are former Jews who seek to profit by denouncing the Jewish people to our enemies. This began as early as the second century of the common era, when a former Jew named Barnabas wrote his Epistles, which denounced his former co-religionists with arguments which were forever repeated by every hatemonger from then to now. In the sixteenth century Johann Pfefferkorn, also a convert from Judaism to Christianity, sought to endear himself to his new companions in hate by denouncing the Jewish community as an “insider” who really knew “the truth”. It would take volumes to describe all the other former Jews turned persecutors over the years.

In great part this phenomenon is the product of the political stance of the Jewish community. Wedded to “liberalism”, many Jews teach their children nothing about our heritage but preach the doctrines of John Dewey and other dogmatists. These dogmas then lead the erstwhile Jews into the so-called “liberal” politics, which hold that there must be no Israel, that Jews should concern themselves with the rights of various minorities but not with Jewish rights; that freedom of speech cannot be tolerated because it includes views at variance with “liberal” ideas; that the Jewish religion, but not any other religion, is antiquated; that Jews must work for every cause except their own and that Jews are responsible for every evil in this world.

Jewish “liberals” generally refuse to admit or even notice that their “liberal” friends such as Jimmy Carter call for the “final solution” of the Israel “problem”. Carter said this during a speech in Geneva, Switzerland in December of 2003. The “final solution” is, of course, the killing of all Jews in Israel. You do remember the “final solution” of the Jewish problem in Europe, don’t you?

Today the Jewish community in America is once more confronted with the same issues as was true in 1933. Then the German Jews begged the American Jewish community to help us as Hitler announced his plans and Jewish stores were already boycotted. Yet, as the years passed and the Nazi terror became worse each day, the American Jewish community did nothing to save its brethren in Germany. For nine years, from January 1933, when Hitler became chancellor of Germany, until December 7, 1941 when we entered the Second World War, only a few private individuals helped a few German Jews to escape. The great Jewish organizations stood idly by and did nothing except insult the few German Jews who were able to come here. No help came from anyone except a few honorable, private Jews who remembered their history and their obligations.

Now we are faced with the same situation again. Once more we can vote as free and equal citizens for the preservation of Israel by holding with our President, George W. Bush, who is without doubt the best friend Israel has ever had, or we can side with the party of that arch Jew hater Franklin D. Roosevelt, the anti-Jewish hater Jimmy Carter and the great friend of Arafat, Bill Clinton, who invited that terrorist to the White House innumerable times and then forced Ehud Barak, PM of Israel at the time, to surrender all Jews to the mercy of the killers. Clinton is no friend of the Jewish people.

The current candidate for the presidency on the Democratic ticket, John Kerry, recently complained that the Bush administration is “alienating our Arab friends” by favoring the survival of Israel. Kerry must have meant the Arab murderers who killed 3,000 Americans in 1.5 hours by destroying the World Trade Center.

If Kerry becomes president Israel may be unable to survive the onslaught of the Arabs and their European allies. Right now only President Bush stands between the Eurarabs and Israel. May he go from strength to strength and be supported by us as he has been our support.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Man's Ascent to Reason (2003) & the forthcoming Football & American Identity.

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