Boycotting Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Hitler Lives - In Poland & England & Toronto

Our Hindu brethren say that on our death our spirit moves into another living body and continues there in an endless cycle of rebirth. Those who doubt this doctrine will find it confirmed by events in Poland , in England and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

In Toronto, the Public Employees Union has voted to boycott Jewish business. The word boycott is derived from the name of Charles Boycott, who was a “land agent” for a British land owner in Ireland in the 1880’s. Seeking to evict poor Irish farmers from their homes, he found that no one would deal with him.  His mail was not delivered.  His farm was not harvested.  No one spoke to him, etc.  This is the intent of the Ontario branch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, who now will no longer buy from Jewish owned businesses or use Jewish produced goods. This “boycott” is paralleled by the Association of University Teachers, a British academic union, not to publish research articles by Jewish professors in British journals and to refuse to write in journals published by Jews. 

In Poland, anti-Jewish hate continues unabated, sixty-one years after the German-Polish mass murders of 3 million Polish Jews. The psychotic hatred of Jews in Poland is particularly gross because there are no Jews in Poland, as the Poles and Germans murdered all Polish Jews, not only during the occupation of Poland by the German armies but also after the defeat of Germany in 1945. The most disgusting slaughter of Jews by Christian Poles occurred in Jedwabne, in northern Poland, on July 10, 1941. On that day, Polish citizens slaughtered 1600 Jews by pushing them into a barn and then burning down the barn with the Jews inside. For years, the Polish population tried to blame this massacre on the Germans. However, on July 10, 2001, the President of Poland, Alexander Kwasinewski, publicly asked for forgiveness from the Jewish community for these murders, only to be accused by the Polish populace of betraying the Polish nation.

On July 4, 1946, after the Germans had left Poland, the citizens of Kielce slaughtered 200 Jews who had returned to their homes in that town after surviving the death camps. This “mark of Cain” on the forehead of the Poles caused the 200,000 Jews still living there in 1946 to leave for Israel. Today, Poland has no Jews, but today, there is in Poland a radio station called “Radio Maryja”. That station broadcasts anti-Jewish hate every day, despite the absence of Jews from Poland. The station bleats the usual hate concerning Jewish greed, etc. Jews are called “kikes” on this popular radio station. This goes on even as the current Pope, Benedict XVI, came to Auschwitz last week and prayed there for the Jews who had been slaughtered by his German compatriots and the Poles who helped them. Like his predecessor, John Paul II, the pope denounced anti-Jewish hate and asked why God had allowed these crimes to occur. Yet, nothing moves the Poles from their crazed hatred. Not even the Pope. For example, Father Henryk Jankowski denounced the appointment of Bronislaw Gemerek to the position of Polish foreign minister because Gemerek may have Jewish ancestors. Gemerek is definitely not Jewish. Father Tadeus Rydzyk broadcast on Radio Maryja that the Auschwitz murders are a lie and that Poland must not allow anyone to live there who is not Catholic.

When it was proposed to name an elementary school after the poet Jan Brzechwa, a letter writing campaign denounced the proposal on the grounds that Brzechwa was Jewish.

Anti-Jewish publications are sold in Polish churches. These publications claim that Jews caused the Second World War, and of course continue the “Christ killer” story which the Catholic church discarded and denounced ever since Vatican II in 1965. 

Even in this country, Polish Americans continue their Jew baiting. The best example is the statement by Edward Moskal, President of the Polish American Congress, accusing the President of Poland, Alexander Kwasniewski, of “submissiveness to Jews”. Moskal also denounces Israel. 

Is there any hope for Poland? Perhaps the efforts of the Vatican will somehow have an effect on the culture of Jew hatred in Poland. Meanwhile we can look to the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the British Association of University Teachers to keep the spirit of Hitler alive. It looks very much as if the Hindus are right. Hitler lives.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Football & American Identity (2005) &  Youth Culture and the Generation Gap (2005) with Dr. Ursula A. Falk.

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