Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Syria, a member of the United Nations Security Council, holds the presidency of that confused gang of hate mongers this month.

Giving Syria the presidency is equivalent of giving a Mafia boss the job of United States Attorney General. If there is one country on earth devoted to brutality, Nazism, hatred, religious persecution and terrorism, it is Syria. Syria is on the list of terrorist countries designated by the U.S. State Department.

Terror against the most ancient Jewish community in Syria was a permanent feature of Jewish life at all times. In 1947 this reached a crescendo when Arab mobs in Aleppo devastated the 2,500 year old Jewish community. Jews were murdered in the streets and over 200 Jewish homes, synagogues and stores destroyed. This was all under the direction of Alois Brunner, erstwhile aide to Adolf Eichmann and one of the most notorious Nazi war criminals of Hitler’s day. He was welcomed in Syria directly after the second world war where he served as an “adviser” to the dictator Assad, whose son is the current terrorist boss there.

The outcome for the Syrian Jewish community has been a nightmare. Jews who want to leave are forced to stay nevertheless and endure persecution similar to the infamous “Nurnberg” laws of Nazi Germany as instituted in 1935. Jews cannot have a driver’s license. Jews cannot buy property, Jews cannot work for the government, Jewish bank accounts were confiscated and a road was paved over the Damascus Jewish cemetery.

Jewish schools were closed and the buildings stolen by Muslim clergy. Because almost all of the Syrian Jews left that country illegally and came to Israel or the United States, Syria only has 450 Jews today. This tiny community is under constant observation by the Syrian secret police. All Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and funerals are taped by the Syrian police.

Syria is in a state of permanent “martial” law, which means there are no civil rights whatever. There are five different “security” agencies, two military and three civilian. The seventeen million people of Syria have no human rights at all. Horrible prisons are run for anyone who has an opinion other than the government. Torture is used in prisons, arbitrary arrest and imprisonment are daily occurrences and freedom of the press does not exist at all. Numerous Syrian citizens have “disappeared” . Prominent writers who complain of these condition are imprisoned and tortured.

Vague laws are used to interpret almost any publication as illegal. These laws are all laws that protect “state security” and prevent publication of anything that is “inaccurate” or causes public unrest, etc. All radio and TV stations are government owned and all programs are monitored to prevent the statement of any opinion not sanctioned by the government.

Freedom of assembly or opinion are not permitted. Women are treated abominably in Syria as they are in all Arab countries.

In 2000, President Clinton pressured the then prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, to return the Golan Heights to Syria in return for “peace” with that chamber of horrors. Barak, ever ready to surrender, agreed to do so. The Syrian boss turned down the proposal and asked Israel to not only give the Golan to him but to also give him the land at the bottom of the Golan at Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). When Barak refused to allow the Syrians to gain access to Kinneret, Assad turned down the offer to relinquish the Golan. Thank G’d for that. Any of us who have been on the Golan know how high it is and how it can easily be used to once more shoot into Israel at will. In fact, the reason Israel was forced to take the Golan in 1967 was precisely because the Syrians used the heights to fire into Galil every day, causing the Israelis to live in bomb shelters. Moreover, the Golan can easily become the staging area for an attack on Haifa and beyond. It is evidently much easier to roll tanks down from the Golan that to have to fight up the mountains a second time.

The current dictator of Syria is Bashar Assad, son of the previous dictator. This hater calls for a united Christian - Moslem crusade to kill all Jews. When the pope, John Paul II, visited Damascus in 2000, Assad told him that the present day Jews kill the heads of all religions with the same mentality that killed Jesus 2000 years earlier. Assad denies the holocaust and calls Ariel Sharon “Hitler”.

Now, Syria chairs the United Nations Security Council at the U.N. The U.N., the direct successor of the erstwhile Nazi Party, befouls its already revolting history with allowing these bloody criminals to “preside” over the council. It is ironic that the United Nations was founded in 1945 precisely to guard against the Nazi Syrians and other Nazis. Yet, the opposite is now the case. The spirit of Hitler is alive at the U.N. as Syria, a sinkhole of evil, presides over an organization whose members, with few exceptions, are moral pygmies whose ethics are those of the gutter and whose history is one of bloodshed and cruelty not seen since 1945. Do not support any action of the United Nations. They are our enemies. Ask your congressman to vote against any budget for the U.N., whose anti-Jewish record resembles the worst in men, even as we Americans are dedicated to the promotion of the best in all men and all women alike.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders.

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