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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


How Obama Seeks to Destroy Israel


     Although Jimmy Carter, our 39th president, became the best known Jew baiter in the United States, Jews, with few exceptions,  voted for him. Therefore it seemed reasonable for the present incumbent to believe that his anti-Jewish views would not stand in the way of gaining the vast majority of Jewish votes once again. In that he was right, as 78% of American Jews voted for the Democrat party in November of 2008, even as a huge majority of Democrats blame “the Jews” for the current recession.

     Now the Obama administration seeks the destruction of Israel and the murder of yet another 5.5 million Jews at the hands of the Muslim Arab alliance. To that end, a number of people with Jewish sounding names have been appointed to high level government jobs. These appointees are of course not Jewish but have one or more Jewish ancestors whose names lend themselves to the foolish assumption that these anti-Jewish operatives are somehow Jews. They are instead the Jewish people’s worst enemies.

    Behind this screen of pseudo-Jews, the Democrats now need to disarm Israel. It is of course well known that Israel possesses a number of atomic bombs and other arms and can defend itself against another Holocaust planned by the Muslim community. Therefore it is necessary for the enemies of the Jewish people to first launch an anti-Israel propaganda campaign which will later allow the killers to do their dirty work.

     In Europe this was done by claiming that Jews drink the blood of Christian children, that Jews “have all the money”, that Jews control the banks, that Jews poison the wells, etc. Once these beliefs were well accepted, no one objected when the haters murdered the Christ killers.

      Likewise, today, the Jews of Israel are delegitimized by calling them “settlers” and Jewish communities “settlements”.  Thus, a man born in France is a Frenchman, a woman born in the U.S.A. is an American, a man born in England is and Englishman but a Jew born in Judea is a “settler”.  An Arab born in Detroit of six generations Detroiters is an Arab refugee but 880 thousand Jews who fled from Muslim countries are not entitled to one cent of compensation for all their possessions stolen by their erstwhile Arab neighbors.

      In that spirit, Obama confronted Prime Minister Netanyahu during his recent visit. The terror attacks which killed 1,000 Israelis in the last two years are not considered at all by the Democrats. Only the “settlements” of Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem are ever mentioned as causes of the dispute between Israel and the Philistine immigrants to the Holy Land. Since most Jewish voters voted for this policy, the haters have an excellent excuse for seeking to “sell out” Israel. They point to that vote as a rationale for promoting the abandonment of Jewish homes in Israel in favor of the “return” of  800,000 “Arab refugees” into Israel so as to destroy that country from within.

     The Obama administration has now threatened to stop all financial and community help for Israel unless Israel relinquishes its atomic arsenal. Such a move would of course make Israel defenseless. This is also true if Israel gives up strategic lands such as the Golan Heights, Jerusalem or the west bank. In 2006, Israel left Gaza after years of bickering on the part of its enemies to do so. The result: The terrorist Arabs fired thousands of rockets into Israeli towns and cities and killed 1,000 citizens of Israel. Evidently, therefore, the same terrorists want to use Samaria and Judea to assault Tel Aviv and other coastal Jewish communities if they can get Israel to abandon the entire west bank of the Jordan. In that event, huge Arab armies would assemble in the abandoned areas to destroy what would then be left of Israel . This is what Obama wants and this is what the vast majority of American Jews voted for.

     Obama also seeks to make a deal with Iran. In exchange for giving up their nuclear ambitions, Obama has promised the haters that he would abandon Israel and sell them no more arms unless they relinquish their atomic weapons. In either case, Israel would be an easy target for more Arab aggression. Yet, American Jews voted for that calamity.

     American Jews may feel that even if Israel is destroyed we are safe here. Not so. The Jimmy Carters of this world do not only seek the destruction of Israel, they want our deaths too. As Carter said in November 2002 at a pro-Arab rally in Switzerland:  "Had I been elected a second term I would have found the “final solution” to the Jewish problem”. No doubt Hitler laughed from his place in hell even as the Jewish community voted for Carter and Obama, who is looking to do the same thing.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Women & Social Change in America (2009).

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