Democrats, Republicans, & Jewish Values

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




     Many years ago, the former Confederate states were labeled “the solid south” by the media because only Democrats were elected to any office in those states. At that time I was a soldier, first in the 94th Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia, and later in the 302nd Infantry at Camp McCain, Mississippi.

     To my amazement I saw in those states that the Democrats were then enforcing total segregation on the races, so that schools, hospitals, transportation, restaurants, and even drinking fountains were segregated according to race. I was stunned to discover that in this country there were conditions which resembled, at least in part, the bigotries I had fortunately survived in Europe only a few years earlier.

     In 1963, Theo “Bull” Connor, the Democrat director of public safety in Birmingham, Alabama, used police dogs to attack citizens wishing to vote and eat at lunch counters. Also in 1963, the Democrat governor of Alabama, George Wallace, swore to enforce segregation and stood in front of the door of the university so as to prevent black students from entering.

    Then I decided that I would vote for the Republican party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, particularly because the first book I ever read in English was the Life of Abraham Lincoln.

     It is therefore an anomaly for the vast majority of Jewish voters to claim that by voting Democrat they are supporting Jewish ethics, which teach justice and compassion for the poor and those in need of help.

     Jews who vote for Democrats ignore or pretend to not know that Democrats, then and now,  favor a form of fascism (Latin for bundle) which denies the rights of the individual as anchored in the first ten amendments to our Constitution.

     Today the Democrats, acting in a manner consistent with their segregationist dictatorial history, attack freedom of religion, seek to stifle freedom of speech by telling schoolchildren that it is a crime to criticize President Obama, force Americans to buy what people don’t want, and are well on the road to turning this country into a police state.  Moreover, the Gallup poll and all other polls show that only 31% of Democrats, but 63% of Republicans, support the survival of Israel. This translates into a major decline for support for Israel among Democrats in the House and Senate ever since Obama became president. Among Republicans the opposite is true. Almost all elected Republicans vigorously support the people of Israel in their effort to defend themselves against their Arab enemies.

     In view of these facts, it is evident that the phrases used to cover up Jewish support for a dictatorial anti-Israel government hide an abandonment of Jewish teachings. Shouting the word “liberal” has nothing to do with favoring liberty. Instead, “liberal” has come to mean an interest in depriving Americans of individual rights, dictating by bureaucratic edict every phase of life in this country, and siding with the enemies of freedom while apologizing for American democracy.

     Few American Jews know anything about Jewish history. Yet, even those who have no interest in studying the history of the European Jews ought to know that Jews are always the first victims of dictators and the intolerant “Bull” Connors of this world. Should this country slide into a Big Brother “1984,” the Jews who now vote for the destruction of liberty in this country will find that the dictators will not remember the Jewish money or the Jewish vote but will act according to the prejudices of their constituents, who even now repeat Arab anti-Jewish propaganda.

     We are reminded of Thomas Jefferson, our third President and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, who wrote: “When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty”.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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