Jewish Obama Supporters

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Stupid Jews


   In 1905 a Russian writer, Sergius Nilus, produced The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This forgery was widely distributed by the Russian Orthodox church. Translated into German, it became Hitler’s favorite book, as it pretended that the Jews have all the money, there is a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, Jews are not loyal to their country, and Jews are responsible for every evil in this world.

   This book for serialized in the Dearborn Independent, a newspaper published by Henry Ford in the 1920’s. The purpose was to incite the American population against the Jews living here, with a view of creating a European style persecution of Jews in America. This effort failed when the courts forced Henry Ford to apologize and when the Second World War led to a cessation of Nazi activity in this country.

    Yet, the Protocols live on. Two professors of political science, John Walt and Stephen Mearsheimer, have re-published this diatribe. They call their book The Israel Lobby in which they complain that the Jews have all the money, that American Jews are disloyal to the United States, that the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 was justified because the Arabs suffer from “the Jews” and that “the Jews have no right to participate in the political process”. As Professor Dershowitz has shown, Walt and Mearsheimer merely copied anti-Jewish propaganda from the Protocols, and re-issued it under a different name. BOTH OF THESE JEW BAITERS ARE THE ADVISORS OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OBAMA.

   Another advisor of candidate Obama is Samantha Power. Power is a Harvard professor who has written that the United States should send an army into Israel and force “the Jews” to allow millions of so-called Arab refugees into Israel so as to destroy Israel.

    Yet another advisor of Obama is Jimmy Carter, formerly president of the United States. This hate monger wrote an entire anti-Jewish book in which he demands that Israel remove the protective wall being built to keep the terrorists out. Carter actually said in Switzerland on December 3, 2003 that if he had been elected to a second term he would have moved “to a final solution” of the Jewish problem. This phrase, “final solution”, means the mass murder of the Jews of Israel. Jimmy Carter recently traveled to Syria where he met with the leaders of the terrorist gangs who seek “to wipe Israel off the map.”

    Then there is Robert Malley. He too is a foreign policy advisor to Obama. Malley’s father was an Egyptian magazine publisher and personal friend of Yasser Arafat. Malley is a frantic Jew baiter and Israel hater who advises that Israel should not exist.

    Further friends of Obama are Jesse Jackson, who calls New York City “Hymietown”, and Al Sharpton, who screams anti-Jewish epithets and demanded that his followers burn down a “Jew store” in Brooklyn. His followers did so and killed three Jewish employees in the process.

    Obama, although never in the armed service of the United States, did find time to join the “Million Men March” organized by Louis Farrakhan (Walcott). Farakhan-Walcott calls Judaism a “gutter religion”. 

    There is more. Much more. Suffice it to say, that Jews who vote for Obama are supporting an out and out anti-Jewish hate monger who seeks the end of Israel.

     Those Jews who care nothing about Israel ought at least recognize that Jew haters do not limit their hate to Israelis alone. American Jews will find that we too will become the targets of religious hate the Obama campaign already promotes. American Jews will not be spared by an Obama administration. Such a nightmare will surely lead to another Henry Ford type experience even as American Jews are largely blind to the danger that faces us.

   We Jews love to assure each other that we must be truly smart. We point to all the Jewish scientists, physicians, professors and even Nobel prize winners who are Jewish. We endlessly proclaim how we have achieved disproportionately in all areas of attainment such as business, the arts, science and education. Yet, when it comes to saving our own lives we fail each time. We vote for our enemies, denounce our friends and never, never stand up for Jewish concerns.

    Believe this. A vote for Obama is a vote for the destruction of Israel and the elimination of all American Jews from all those rights and privileges we have earned over two and a half centuries in this country. Obama is our enemy.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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