Supporting Our Enemies

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


A Jewish Mystery


       A recent public opinion poll asking Americans to identify the cause of the present recession discovered that 25% of those who answered blame “the Jews” for unemployment and all other problems facing this country. Those who are most willing to pretend that “the Jews” have something to do with our economic problems are Democrats. In fact, every survey involving Jews shows that more than half of all Democrats are religious bigots and Jew haters while only around 8% of Republicans hold such views.

       Two California professors who conducted such a recent survey found it surprising that so many Democrats are anti-Jewish when over 80% of Jews voted for the Democrat Party in the November 2008 election. To those of us who know Jewish history this is no surprise at all. It is a feature of Jewish life to support our enemies and oppose our friends. This was true when Franklin Roosevelt delivered the European Jews to their deaths by refusing them asylum in the United States and is true today when the current administration undermines Israel.

       Those Jews who voted for Obama and the Democrats also voted for the possible destruction of Israel. Obama has already said that he will force Israel to disclose its atomic weapons arsenal to so called “international inspection”. That has never been asked of Israel in forty years by any administration, not only because “international” means Arab inspectors but also because Israel has survived so far only because of the rumor that Israel has an atomic arsenal. If this rumor is denied or confirmed by an “international” inspection the consequences are certain to be that every Arab country will also acquire atomic weapons “a la Iran” and that Russia will at once supply Israel’s enemies with atomic bombs on the grounds that Israel has such bombs. It is the ambivalence concerning Israel’s possible atomic defenses which have kept the killers away so far. If Obama refuses to give Israel any further military or economic support unless its atomic arsenal is exposed, the danger to Israel becomes evident. Yet 80% of Jews voted for this assault on Israel.

      This month, Obama is visiting Egypt, where he will crawl on the floor to the Egyptian dictators. His message: the United States is a friend of Arabs but no friend of “the Jews”.

       So many members of Congress, all Democrats, have denounced Jews on the floor of the House and the Senate that their influence is already felt in both branches of our legislature. Look it up yourself , beginning with former representative Cynthia McKinney, and a cabal of at least fifty more congressmen. Yet, 80% of Jews voted for these hate mongers.

       On American university campuses where Jews are routinely denounced and assaulted, the vast majority of these haters are Democrats. In fact, the Democrats are the very foundation of Jew hatred in all its forms. Yet, 80% of the Jewish voters voted for these haters.

       So explain yourself, Jews. Why do we support our enemies and despise our friends?     

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Women & Social Change in America (2009).

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