Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



The Oracle at Delphi, or a Jewish Obsession

     The town of Delphi is located on the western slope of Mount Parnassus in Greece. In ancient times, there existed there an oracle, or a priestess who was capable of interpreting the future and giving advice to those who consulted her. The oracle was dedicated to the god Apollo, who spoke through the priestess Pythia and told petitioners whether or not they would succeed in their many endeavors, including the outcome of wars, love, business, and other important events.

     Because Delphi is located near a geological fault, the area is invaded by gases that give rise to hallucinations.

      Today, there is another oracle which the American media consult regularly and for the same reasons as the consultation by the ancients of the oracle at Delphi. That is the oracle at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Called Harvard University, it has a faculty so impressive that they know everything there is to know to the exclusion of all the world. Never tired of proclaiming their superiority, students, professors and administrators know all, understand all, and view with contempt the miserable human excrement they inspect from their mountain of unshakable certainty like medieval popes in their infallibility.

     Boston College received four hundred books and one half of John Harvard’s estate in 1639. Therefore, the trustees changed the name of the school to Harvard College, later to be named a university.

     There is of course no doubt that that university has produced some useful and important research results in many fields of human endeavor. There is also no doubt that there are scientists and writers, scholars of many kinds who, although not at Harvard in any fashion, made substantial contributions to human knowledge.

     An excellent example was Jonas Salk, M.D., the discoverer of the polio vaccine. Poliomyelitis was a dreadful disease which crippled and killed numerous people around the world year in and year out. In 1952 alone, 57 thousand cases of polio were recorded in this country alone. The disease crippled Franklin Roosevelt and many others. Some survived iron lungs; most died or lived a miserable life.

     Therefore it was no surprise that when Jonas Salk, a professor of immunology at the University of Pittsburgh, was able to distribute a vaccine to halt this dreadful disease, he was feted as a hero by the media. Salk refused any financial gain from his discovery. Indeed, he had relied on the work of other scientists before him, as is the case with all discoveries. No doubt, two scientists who had worked at Harvard had much to do with the final results. Yet, the degree of vituperation that greeted Salk on his discovery is an example of the narrow minded stupidity which arrogance induces. Basil O’Connor, at that time president of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, said then: “He shows the world how to eliminate paralytic polio and you’d think he had…committed a felony.”  That is how enraged the Harvard priesthood became because a scientist from the “provinces” succeeded.

     Tuition and room rent at Harvard reaches about $42,000 a year now. Students who have that kind of money will find that they will be taught by other students since professors don’t lower themselves to teaching undergraduates. Of course, teaching is not a skill normally attributed to Harvard faculty or for that matter most large universities. It is regarded as plebeian and not prestigious. It is even pretended that anyone who can teach must be a dunce who cannot do research and is largely incompetent.

     Yet, the facts belie the arrogance. Thousands of scholars and scientists, in no manner associated with Harvard, have discovered much that is of benefit to mankind. In fact, we can presume that the world would continue without Harvard and its prejudices and fanatic, narrow political religion.

     Of course, Harvard has an endowment of $26 billion, which suffices to make their priests right every time. (Or does it?)

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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