The IRS Scandal

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Judaism and the "Liberal" Religion


     The atrocities committed by the Internal Revenue Service by attempting to inhibit freedom of expression and the right to freely engage in political activity  unfortunately devolves upon several Jewish or formerly Jewish employees of the government. This has come about as so many Jews have become fanatic “liberals”, a philosophy akin to fascism (No, not Nazism).

     It takes little knowledge of the American Jewish community to recognize that a majority of the descendants of the eastern European Jews have converted from Judaism to liberalism.

      This is not an exaggeration. Consider that sociologists view religion to have two functions. The first is to bind people together in common traditions and common ethics. The Latin origin of the word religion is Res Ligare or the thing that binds. The words “league” as well as “ligament” are derived from that Latin origin. The Roman author Marcus Cicero in his book “De Natura Deorum” or “On the Nature of the Gods” writes that the word religion may also be derived from relegere or “to read again,” inasmuch as religious folks read the same tracts again and again.

     Now it is evident that “liberals” are associated with one another in political organizations of many kinds which have in common some fundamental liberal beliefs similar to religious beliefs. Just as Torah true Jews believe that only kosher food may be eaten, so liberals believe that a vast government ought to rule every aspect of our lives. Just as Jews generally believe that adultery is a serious offense, so liberals believe that the individual is unimportant and that bureaucrats have the right to dictate to all of us. It is held liberal to suppress opinions not in agreement with liberal views, even as Judaism insists that all opinions must be heard and expressed, as is visible by reading the Talmud (If you don’t know what the Talmud is, ask a rabbi).

     When we look at the names of the would be dictators within the IRS, we are appalled to read the names of Douglas Shulman, Steve Miller, Lois Lerner, and a host of others of Jewish descent, if not belief.

     This should not be surprising to anyone who has followed American politics over the years. Jews foolishly have supported all those who, contrary to Thomas Jefferson’s (third president of the U.S.) warning that that government is best which governs the least, have subscribed to the opposite.

     Yet, Jewish history proves that the Jewish community is worst off in any overbearing government and is best situated in a land whose government is restrained and observes the tenets (tenare=to hold) of democracy.

     The IRS bosses have admitted that they targeted so called “conservative” organizations seeking tax exempt status by delaying their applications for years, by asking all-intrusive questions concerning individual political and even religious beliefs, and by using the power of the IRS to punish the use of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

     Consider “Z Street.” That is a Zionist organization which defends the right of Israel to disagree with the Obama administration concerning Jewish “settlements” and other issues. Therefore the IRS has refused to give “Z Street” tax exempt status and even went so far as to accuse “Z Street” of being a terrorist organization. The IRS admitted that such tax exempt status would not be accorded any organization which contradicts administration policies.

     “Z Street” has succeeded in gaining an opportunity to put an end to this flagrant violation of the Constitution. On July 2, 2013, “Z Street” will be given a hearing in the federal district court in the District of Columbia concerning “viewpoint discrimination.”

     Meanwhile the Congress of the United States is investigating the conduct of the IRS, which is unfortunately administered by so many Jewish sounding named executives.

     The lesson is clear. The Jewish community has grossly failed to support its own interests by constantly voting and supporting dictatorial ideologues and their anti-Jewish friends, including the majority of Democrats, who have repeatedly told the Gallup poll that they do not support the right of Israel to exist.

     Let us hope that the members of Congress now investigating the IRS put an end to the Obama administration's undemocratic tactics, thereby saving the Jewish community from itself.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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