The Election

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


  Where Has Our Jewish Intelligence Gone?  Where is Our "Saechel"?


We are no longer able to recognize when we see an antisemite and a “Rosche”.  We have one of the most dangerous men posing as a change maker by the name of Barack Obama.  Who is this man and what does he stand for?  His allies are Wright, Farrakhan and an assortment of other Jew haters.  A sizable number of our people are deluded by his energy, his youth, his delusory speeches in which he screams CHANGE, CHANGE!  Do we ask ourselves what change?  He cleverly uses phrases that appeal to the masses, the people who have no jobs, those who cannot pay the gasoline prices, those who  do not want to involve themselves in work since it robs them of their sleep or their ability to steal from the public by selling drugs, collecting welfare, hiding behind imaginary disabilities, or avoiding of schooling since they do not want to engage in the effort of learning and thinking.  This man Obama feasts upon the fears of humanity.  What will this person accomplish?  He will be instrumental in filling our already overstaffed governmental bureaucracies with more underprivileged so called minorities; he will raise taxes to create these circumstances.  He will thus further impoverish the middle class and those of us who have slaved all of our lives to be able to have somewhat of a secure old age.  He will justify and assist in reinforcing  the violence of the Palestinians  against our people.

What attracts all Americans to this creature?  First of all his youth, his empty loud promises contained in his basically meaningless speeches, the energy that emanates from him which will help him to persuade the poor, the disenfranchised and those that have been unwilling to exert energy to help themselves; the pretense that this multi-millionaire is poor; his past history and the eloquence and untruths which make him important at the moment.  He promises to make magic.  Are we so ignorant and so immature to believe in the magic hallucinatory omnipotence that we lived as infants? Yes, he will make changes, changes indeed!  He will make the hardworking savers impoverished; he will reward the lazy by giving them what the achievers, the workers have earned; he will place the ignorant in pivotal position; he will ruin our economy.  As volatile as it is today, we can surely project what it will be in the future if this man succeeds in being at the helm.

We are so youth oriented that we forget that there is wisdom in experience and caution in thought out deliberation.  There are no smarts in empty promises made by a man who wants power and who is destructive; who wants to make up for his advertised deprived youth by leading the masses who promise themselves great things from an overbearing hateful power seeker. 

Let us look briefly at John McCain.  This courageous man was a prisoner during the Vietnam war.  Although he was offered the opportunity to leave he refused the offer until all of his prison mates were also released, thus suffering additional tortures from his jailers.  McCain is not only a man of remarkable courage, he is a man of wisdom; not a clone of George W. Bush.  He is a person in his own right, who will follow his knowledge, his experience, his values.  He will weigh the realistic options before him for the betterment of his/our people, and bring change for the better of all Americans. He will improve the economy, reward honest work, end the war and bring peace without jeopardizing safety.  He will enable displaced workers to find jobs and strongly encourage industry to return to our land.  His thoughtfulness, courage and wisdom will work for everyone's good, for people of all walks of life.

Hitler was of the same ilk as Obama. He convinced the German Nation that all would have jobs, would enjoy the life that they never had; would be able to annihilate their enemies, their scapegoats, and would become wealthy by stealing from the Jewish people; would be able to express their hatreds by maiming, killing and allowing their “id”, their lack of conscience, to lead them. They enthusiastically built the gas ovens and increased their stash of weaponry to make their magical thinking, their not so hidden brutalities, become reality.

Is this what we want in our lives, in our wonderful land that is America?  Please fellow Jews, fellow Americans, fellow human beings, do not let this happen.  NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of  Deviant Nurses & Improper Patient Care (2006).

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