The Peace Plan

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Road Map to Destruction

Recently the European haters, including Russia, Germany, France and other bigots invented a so-called “Road Map” to peace between Israel and its Arab enemies. This road map is without doubt a road map to the destruction of Israel.

Immediately upon seeing this document the Philistines rushed in to accept it in toto and that for good reason. The “road map” seeks to introduce into Israel 4 million Arabs who pretend to have a claim on Jewish land because they are somehow “descendents” of the Arabs who left Israel on its gaining independence in 1948.

No mention is ever made of the million Jewish refugees from Arab countries whose property and land was stolen by the Arabs in the countries the Jews were forced to abandon. Yet, all that land and property was stolen by the majority in those countries without any effort ever made to compensate the Jewish victims of Arab pogroms.

It is obvious that the addition of 4 million Arabs into Israel, together with the 1.5 million already living there, would give Israel an Arab majority, with the consequence of destroying Israel altogether. That is of course the purpose of the “road map”, which also seeks to establish a “Palestinian” state on Jewish territory.

There is no need to establish a Palestinian state because there is already a Palestinian state. It is called Jordan, but is nevertheless a part of Palestine deliberately truncated from the Holy Land by the British occupiers in the 1920’s.

Since the Arabs outnumber the Israelis 50:1 and Moslems outnumber Jews in this world 100:1 it is of course certain that Arab-Moslem demands are the only voice ever heard at the United Nations or in the media, particularly since the Arabs own vast oil reserves.

Therefore, any United Nations resolutions or media pronouncements are always anti-Jewish, as is the “road map” to the destruction of Israel.

In view of the endless bloodbaths the Arabs and Moslems of this world impose on Israel and so many other nations around the world, it is madness to ask Israel to withdraw to the erstwhile 1967 borders. This would mean that the Arabs would hold all the high ground in Judea and the Golan heights from which to attack Israel. It would make Israel indefensible, particularly since Israel was only nine miles wide before 1967, when the Arabs tried to invade and kill the entire Jewish population. The 1967 boundary has been called “the Auschwitz” line and rightly so.

The Arabs today and yesterday have always preached hatred of Jews. Their school texts, their movies, their religious services, their media and their entire culture is a hate culture. Therefore, generation after generation of Arab children are brought up believing they have the right and the duty to slaughter Jews. They envy the European killers who murdered 6 million Jews and then stole all the dead Jews' property. The Arabs see Israel, to which they contributed nothing, and hope for mass murder, so they can seize all Israeli towns, cities, farms and property and enrich themselves, as did the Europeans by genocide. After all, many European households and every bank still has property and money stolen from the slaughtered Jews. The Arabs are jealous. They want Jewish corpses and Jewish property just like their European supporters.

There are 270 million Arabs in 22 Arab countries. This makes the Philistines the advance army of an enormous Arab murder gang screaming for the blood of Jews at every occasion. Israel cannot be a threat to the Arabs. It is far too small. But the Arabs are a terrible threat to Israeli and Jewish survival in this world.

Consider Canada. There are nearly 360,000 Jews in that country. There are twice as many Moslems, including about 400,000 Arabs. The others are natives of Indonesia and Pakistan. All of them demand that the Canadian government adopt an anti-Jewish policy. So far that has not succeeded entirely, although in Quebec and Montreal Jewish life has become nearly impossible. We see the day coming when all Canadian Jews will have to move to the United States as their rights and liberties will be so encumbered that their position will become as precarious as it is now in Belgium, France and Russia and, of course, Germany.

This past weekend, May 17, 18 and 19, 2003 there was an Interfaith Leadership Summit meeting at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. This meeting sought to expose the “Road Map” effort at the destruction of Israel. The meeting was sponsored by numerous Christian and Jewish groups such as the Aposotlic Congress, Christian Broadcasting Network, Christian Coalition of America, Christian Friends of Israel Christian Public Action Campaign, Christians For Israel-U.S., Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and, of course, all Jewish organizations from the ZOA to Americans for a Safe Israel.

There are about 40 million fundamentalist Christian Zionists in this country and another 15 million Christian supporters of Israel who belong to other churches. These fifty five million Christian Zionists include about 200 organizations and furnish 26% of the American electorate. It is unlikely that any Republican can win an election without these voters. Jews do not come close to these numbers. We are only 1.8% of the American population.

Christian Zionists lobby for Israel in Congress and in the White House, where they are welcome. They raise $20 million a year to help Russian and other Jews move to Israel. Whether some, but by no means all, Christian Zionists seek the conversion of Jews to their faith is immaterial. Israel needs these friends in a world seeking the destruction of the Jewish people by any means.

Let us hope and pray that we and our friends will be able to defeat the so-called Road Map so that we will yet survive again, despite Hitler, despite Stalin, despite Arafat and despite Chirac.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (with Dr. Ursula A., Falk, 2002), & Man's Ascent to Reason (2003).

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