FDR's Anti-Semitism

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk




Franklin Roosevelt was not for the Jewish people.  He hid his anti-Semitism by befriending a few important, high class Jewish politicians in order to hide his feelings and his hatreds.  One was Stephen Samuel Wise, who happily agreed that the Jewish people in Nazi Germany and nearby were not killed and not mistreated.  He knowingly allowed his Jewish brethren to disappear by the violence of Hitler and his murderers, who annihilated all of our beloved brethren.  At least six million of our brothers and sisters died from unimaginable brutalities by the Nazis, as well as other German and European citizens.  No one was spared.  Hitler lived with joy as our people were tortured and killed.  This was all known to Roosevelt.

There was no pity, only joy by the Nazis, when they painfully tortured, starved, and mercilessly sent our people into unbelievable painful, unimaginable death.  They burned, shot, cut and disfigured the faces and bodies of these innocent Jews that were kind, religious and were mostly outstanding citizens and excellent neighbors. The Germans happily took anything that the Jewish people possessed.

The Germans, Poles, and other Europeans enjoyed torturing the Jewish citizens without reason or pity.  They stole everything that was owned by their “non-Aryan” citizens and enjoyed the results.  There was no recognition about what these very honest and G’d fearing people had done, nor their abilities or help or gifts the Germans and others had received from them.

The children of the Jewish families were tormented by Germans, who were encouraged to pull out their hair, beat them, and take any of their possessions that they once had.  The atrocities were indescribable.

Pity did not exist.  There were a very minute number of our Jewish people who escaped by night and fog, and have told of their unimaginable, hideous tortures and experiences  as parents and as small children.  They somehow escaped death.  They were not able to praise Franklin Delano Roosevelt  for saving the Jewish people from death.  He fought to deprive them of help them in any fashion but was skilled enough to hide his anti-Semitism .

Let those of us who have been  through the Hitler era as children recognize reality, look carefully at what is factual, what is imaginary, what is “wishful thinking,” and be the Jewish People who do not accept everything that we are asked to believe.


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles, including The American Drug Culture (with Dr. Thomas S. Weinberg & Dr. Gerhard Falk, 2018).

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