Ariel Sharon

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Ariel Sharon - A Jewish Hero

The hatred with which the Arabs and their supporters denounce Ariel Sharon every day is the best indication of the courage and determination with which this man has defended his people and his nation. An uncompromising and unafraid Jew, Sharon does not fit the expectations of the world. Jews are not expected to stand up for themselves and their people. Jews, says the world, are to shuffle into gas ovens while reciting ancient prayers. Jews, say the Europeans, have not rights. Jews are to deliver their children to the butchers who make lampshades from human skins and soap from Jewish bones. “Who ever heard of a Jew fighting back?” “What an audacity, what chutzpah, for a Jew to defend his life and the lives of his family!”

The haters cannot believe it, the “diplomats” are disgusted, the religious are appalled. Ariel Sharon, a Jew who defends himself! Of course the Arabs are disappointed. The so-called “Human Rights Watch” tells them that they are the victims of discrimination because they are not given the same right to murder 6 million Jews as their European friends had only one generation ago. It is a “war crime”, say the supporters of the Arabs, that Jews use guns to defend themselves.

Well, Ariel Sharon won’t listen to any of that. He was born in 1928 in the village of Malal, Israel. At the age of 14, Sharon joined the HAGANAH, the Jewish defense force which was chiefly responsible for winning the War of Independence in 1948. Sharon commanded an infantry company during that war.

Consequently, Ariel Sharon founded a special commando unit which defended Israeli citizens against terrorist attacks. This led to his appointment as commander of a paratroop brigade during the 1956 Sinai campaign and his further service as an infantry brigade commander. Thereafter he was appointed head of the northern command, head of the army training branch, head of the IDF southern command and commander of an armored division which routed the Egyptians during the Six Day War in 1967.

In 1973 Sharon, having returned to active duty after a few months of civilian life, commanded an armored division which defeated the Egyptians again and crossed the Suez Canal into Egypt on their way to Cairo. This spectacular success led to the election of Sharon to parliament in December in 1977.

In 1982, by then appointed defense minister by prime minister Menachem Begin, he sent the Israeli army into Lebanon, all the way to Beirut, to stop the attacks of the terrorists on Israel from Lebanese soil. That invasion stopped the attacks of the terrorists on northern Israel, particularly because the Israeli army and their Christian allies held on to a part of southern Lebanon until prime minister Ehud Barak foolishly removed the IDF from Lebanon. That abandonment of southern Lebanon led to the massacre of Israel’s Christian allies by the return of the terrorists. In addition, that abandonment of southern Lebanon led the terrorists to believe that they had won a great victory over the exhausted Israeli army and therefore encouraged the terrorists to use homicide bombing within Israel. The terrorists believed that the Jews would become so frightened by the bombings that they would leave Israel just as they had left Lebanon. As we know, the outcome was otherwise. The Israeli army seized Jenin and other terrorist strongholds and arrested the killers in their bomb factories and in their homes and destroyed the infrastructure of these murderers. Ariel Sharon, now prime minister, achieved all this despite the gross lies and anti-Jewish hate spewing from the Arabs and the European media.

This year these media and the European politicians resorted once more to the vile “blood libel” that the Nazis and their medieval forebears used for centuries to defame and kill Jews. This “blood libel” was also used in 1982 when Arabs of the Christian faith entered two Palestinian camps in Lebanon, Sabra and Shatila, and there slaughtered numerous Moslem Arabs in retaliation for the mass killings of Christians by Moslems earlier. There can be no doubt that these mass murders were a nightmare of cruelty. There is also no doubt that Arabs killed Arabs at Sabra and Shatila. Nevertheless, the Jew haters, including such bigots as “Human Rights Watch”, blame Ariel Sharon for these murders. They call him a “war criminal” but have nothing to say about the murderers. In short, when Arabs kill Arabs the Jews are at fault. No doubt Mr. Henry Megally, the executive director of “Human Rights Watch”, is convinced that Jews poison the wells, use the blood of Christian children to bake Matzohs and control all the media (the same media which berate Jews day and night).

Now this year Ariel Sharon responded to the bombing of Israeli restaurants, food stores and night clubs by rooting out the murderers from Jenin and other terror bases. At once, the terrorists screamed that the Israeli army had conducted a “mass murder” and slaughter of civilians. Thereupon the United Nations bigot Kofi Anan appointed a “commision” to investigate the so-called mass killings. Before ever getting near Jenin that commission at once condemned Ariel Sharon and all Jews of a “massacre” of over 500 civilians. In view of this insane accusation Ariel Sharon refused to let the Jew-baiters into Israel or Jenin. Now it turns out that there was no “massacre” in Jenin but only in Israel where the haters slaughtered hundreds of Jews with homicide bombs, even at a Seder. It is of course out of the question that the UN or “Human Rights Watch” would investigate those massacres since those massacres are on the approved list of these “liberals.”

In the forefront of the European anti-Jewish coalition is, of course, France. There the Nazi Jean Marie Le Pen lost the election for president to Jaques Chirac, the current president, by a wide margin. This is by no means a victory for liberty, fraternity or equality. The truth is that the followers of Chirac burn down synagogues. The followers of Chirac beat Jews in the streets and shout “kill the Jews” all over France. The French government is actively participating in the persecution of its Jewish citizens by constantly denouncing Israel, i.e. “the Jews”, and by doing nothing to prevent the attacks on Jewish institutions.

It is for those reasons that Ariel Sharon has invited the Jews of France to come to Israel where they can defend themselves instead of needing to rely on a government which seeks their destruction.

It is evident that once more Israel has a leader who is capable of dealing with the crisis in which the Jews of the world find themselves now. Once more, as in the past, the most unlikely candidate to leadership of the Jewish people has risen when needed. This has happened many times. So let us not despair. Indeed, all Jews are under attack once more even as the Moslems plan another Holocaust with aid of their European allies. Yet, we fear not. We have allies among the Christians of the United States. We have allies in the Congress of the United States. We have allies in ourselves because we will not give in. We will not be slaughtered. We will not enter another Auschwitz nor be driven to “the Auschwitz Line”, as the Saudi murderers suggest. We will face the whole world and shout with one voice: “Am Yisroel Chai”, the people of Israel live, no matter who likes it, for we are an eternal people. The Torah teaches that those who bless Israel are blessed and those who curse Israel are cursed. That truth has been validated many times. So it has always been. So it shall always be. My friends, be not afraid but stand up for Israel and for ourselves now and forever and shout from the rooftops, “Onochi Yehoodi”.  I AM A JEW.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders.

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