Donald Sterling

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Crime of the Century


     Recently it was discovered that Donald Sterling, the eighty year old owner of a basketball team, made some most insulting remarks concerning minorities. This discovery came about because his female friend, Stiviano, had recorded his words to the effect that he disliked black people. This recording was made public and led the basketball commissioner, Adam Silver, to denounce Sterling publicly. Silver also announced that Sterling has been banned from all association with basketball for life and has to pay a $2.5 million fine. Of course, Sterling has received death threats from persons interested in promoting the civil rights of minorities. This is how Sterling has become “the most hated man in America.”


Not a  Crime

     Yankel Rosenbaum was walking on the street in Brooklyn. He was wearing the clothes of an orthodox Jew, including a black suit. He also wore a beard. Seeing this, a crowd of black young men, aroused by the black civil rights leader Al Sharpton, surrounded Rosenbaum, screamed "kill the Jews," and stabbed Rosenbaum in the chest. Rosenbaum died on the way to the hospital. Before he died, Rosenbaum identified Lemrick Nelson as his killer. Nelson was tried for murder by a jury of six blacks, four Hispanics, and two whites. The jury not only found that Nelson was not guilty, they even gave him a party to celebrate the murder.

A Heinous Crime

     Donald Sterling, a major contributor to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said to a lady friend that she should not associate with blacks. This comment was recorded and later publicized and promoted into a scandal of immense proportions. Sterling was denounced by all supporters of minority rights as a criminal worse than Hitler.

Not a Crime

     On September 5, 1991, Anthony Graziosi was dragged from his car by a crowd of Afro-American men and shot to death. He was wearing black clothes and had a beard.  That appearance led the crowd to believe that Graziosi was a Jew. That murder was declared as not a hate crime.


A Heinous Crime

      National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver, a Jewish lawyer, exhibited himself on TV and in the media, ranting threats and excommunicating Donald Sterling “for life” as Sterling was accused of making remarks of a racist nature.


 Not a crime

     In New York, black gangs systematically assault Jews, and beat and rob those whose appearance indicates they are orthodox.  Joel Weinberger, one of the victims, had broken bones and needed ten hours of surgery after reaching a hospital. Yet the media refuse to report that the criminals attacking Jews are blacks who also shout anti-Jewish epithets. Black women attacked two girls on a subway and stole their phones and then kicked them out of the train. A gang of blacks rioted on Brighton Beach and shot and killed one man. Another gang of blacks attacked a Dunkin Donuts restaurant, beat patrons eating there, and stole food. A Wendy's restaurant was attacked by a gang of black youths who beat employees, who were hospitalized with concussions.

     There is much more. In all of these cases, the race of the attackers are never mentioned by the media. In fact, none of this mayhem is a crime. Therefore the Department of Justice never prosecutes the criminals who assault Jews, and the media refuse to report these horrors.  Such suppression of crime in our streets is called “liberal” and nearly all American Jews vote for those who promote such hate.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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