The JCC Shootings

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




   This week Naveed Haq is on trial in Seattle for killing Pamela Waechter, a convert to Judaism.  Waechter, a born Lutheran,  was divorced from Bill Waechter, but nevertheless continued to work for the Seattle Jewish Federation as director of the annual fund raising campaign. She was also the president of Temple B’nai Torah, one of 29 Jewish congregations in the area. There are about 37,000 Jews in Seattle.

  On July 28, 2006, Haq forced a 14 year old girl to get him into the building housing the Jewish Federation of Grater Seattle. Once inside, Haq shouted anti-Jewish slogans and then began to fire at Waechter, killing her.

   Consequently, Haq shot five other women, including one who was 17 months pregnant. The five wounded women are Kathryn Bush, Carol Goldman, Dayna Klein, Christina Rexroad and Cheryl Stumbo.

   Although the building has a pass code that opens a security door, the killer was able to enter by shoving his way past the girl who was just then using the code.

   The motive for this attack has been described by the prosecution as a hate crime induced by the hate filled rhetoric common in mosques, Muslim newspapers, and other media, and distributed all over the world by the usual terrorists.

    This episode should be seen as the predictable outcome of anti-Jewish propaganda both oversees and in this country. Included in these attacks are the writings and pronouncements of Barack Obama’s friends and associates, such as William Ayers, who participated in the bomb making enterprises by the Weathermen Underground in the 1970's.

    Ayers, a loudmouthed revolutionary who hates the United States, is today professor of education at the University of Illinois. Like other Obama supporters, he seeks the destruction of Israel under the label “liberal”.  A “liberal” is in fact a fascist opposed to all the freedoms guaranteed in the first ten amendments of our constitution. Like other fascists before them, these hate mongers target Jews first and foremost. Obama gains money and support from them and is therefore a danger to the Jewish community here and in Israel.

   That danger is exemplified by the attack on the Jewish Community Center in Seattle. Nuveen Haq is of Pakistani descent, although born in this country. Long associated with Muslim anti-Jewish causes, he rants the same salacious garbage about “Jewish power” that has been bleated from the mouths of the killers for nineteen hundred years.

   So far, these murderers have had little success in this country because we have never had a government seeking to promote their cause or attack the American Jewish community. Therefore, consider what would occur if Obama becomes president. Here is an anti-Jewish propagandist who upholds attacks on Jews, who sides with the haters, who supports the destruction of Israel, who denounces Jews every day and who associates himself with the “liberal” fascists at all times.

    How would you like to see Ayers be secretary of education, the hate mongers Mearsheimer and Walt as Secretary of State and Under Secretary of State, and other Jew baiters all over the president’s cabinet?

   In case you have forgotten, Mearsheimer and Walt are both professors of political science, who published a recent book which Professor Alan Dershowitz has labeled a re-write of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, Hitler’s favorite read.

    We return to Haq. His defense lawyers claim that he is insane. That defense seldom succeeds. Hopefully, it won’t succeed this time. The lesson learned, however, is that Haq is only one of many such haters supported by the “liberals” of this country. Therefore, a Jew who gives money or other help to Obama is encouraging the Haqs of this world. It is not only dangerous, it is suicidal.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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