Arab Killlers & Their Friends

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day 2011



      Today, as I write this, it is May 1 and we in the United States are commemorating the six million Jews slaughtered by the Europeans between 1933 and 1945. In Israel the 2nd of May was Yom Hashoah.

     In view of these commemorations it is almost unbelievable that there are once more hate mongers and our Arab enemies who seek to bring about another Holocaust by hoping to kill the entire Jewish population of Israel. Even worse is the evidence that there are now Jews who actively conspire with our potential killers to promote the slaughter of the Jews in Eretz Yisrael. 

     Foremost among the Jewish collaborators with our enemies are the editors and writers in Tikkun, a Jewish owned and operated magazine devoted to the destruction of Israel. In addition, an organization which calls itself “J Street” is using its resources to bring on the destruction of Israel by demanding that this country no longer support Israel in any manner, militarily, diplomatically, or financially.

     At the end of May 2011 the American Israel Public Affairs Committee will be holding its annual convention in Washington, DC.  Several Republican and Democrat members of Congress will be addressing that group of supporters of Israel. Therefore, “J Street” will be holding a conference in Washington at the same time, calling its meeting “Move Over AIPAC.” They might as well have called it “Jude verrecke,” which was the “battle cry” of the Nazi killers. It means “Jew die.” There can be no doubt that J Street is committed to the destruction of Israel, as they invite such professional Jew haters as Helen Thomas to their speaker's platform and urge the United States government to cease all support for Israel and to side with the Arabs in their attempt to “wipe Israel off the map.”


     That map shows that Israel occupies only 10,762 square miles. Therefore, compared to the Arab states surrounding it, Israel is indeed minuscule. For example, Egypt includes 387,000 square miles, Syria includes 185,000 square miles, and the so-called kingdom of Jordan, which was stolen from the Jewish people by British connivance in 1920, encompasses 46,000 square miles. The Jewish population of Israel is approximately 5.5 million. The Arab population surrounding Israel is about 300 million.

     It is therefore evident that the Jew baiting haters who demand that Israel turn over Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea to the terrorists seek the destruction of Israel and another holocaust. This is so because if Israel shrinks to only 8,000 square miles with a depth of only 9 miles, Israel will become defenseless and the immediate target of a huge army derived from the enormous Arab population bent on killing Jews.

     Any so-called “Palestinian state” will become the launching pad for an all-out assault on the coastal cities and towns still in Israel’s hands, with the result that the Arabs and their 1.5 BILLION Muslim supporters will easily invade the remnants of Israel and kill the entire population.

     Public opinion among the Arabs predicts that the establishment of “Palestine” will be only the first step in annihilating the Jews in Israel. Should such a state come into being, then the Arabs will demand the next day that Israel must cede what is left, including Tel Aviv. In these demands the Arabs are not only supported by the Muslims of this world and by the traditional Jew baiters, but also by such “Jews” as the publishers of Tikkun magazine and the “J Street” organization.

     In view of the change in the Egyptian government which calls Israel “the enemy,” there is a good chance that Israel will be faced with an attack by the huge Egyptian army armed with American weapons. Already the Egyptians have hinted at renouncing the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty. Under these circumstances it would be suicide for Israel to hand half its territory to its sworn enemies.

     On Friday night, March 11, two Arab men entered the home of the Fogel family in Itamar, an Israeli village. The two terrorists stabbed the father, mother, and three children, including a baby, to death. This demonstrates the willingness of the Arabs to slaughter any and all Jews, as it is the firm belief of Muslims that no child of a Jewish mother has a right to live on this globe.

     Therefore any withdrawal by Israel from their land in favor of these terrorists will surely lead to mass murder and another holocaust.

     Over seventy years ago the same mentality as now displayed by the Arabs led to the slaughter of six million European Jews. However, there were then no Jews who encouraged the German regime to destroy the Jewish people. Now we find that there are Jews who side with the killers and seek the destruction of Israel by demanding that the United States cease giving aid to the Jews living there. In short, we now see the spectacle of Jews actively working for the mass murder of other Jews.

      In view of Obama’s sympathy for the Muslim cause and his evident hatred of Israel, it should be the duty of every American Jew to refuse support to his effort to gain a second term. Instead we see Jews supporting his re-election to the detriment of Jewish survival.

      Those who deny all this know nothing of Jewish history. They did not see what we, the German Jews, saw. It is easy to live in comfort in New York and San Francisco and play the “liberal” supporter of Israel’s enemies. It is quite different to be driven into gas ovens by yet another Hitler with an Arab name.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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