Boycotting Israel

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



"Kauf nicht von Juden" - "Don't Buy from Jews"


     The British “Co-operative Chain,” a food distributor, has announced that they will no longer do business with Jews. Similar “boycott” endeavors have been instituted by other European companies who cater to Arab hate and have therefore discontinued relationships of any kind with Jewish owned businesses around the world. These measures resemble the very first Nazi attack on the German Jewish community in February of 1933, when brown shirted goons stood in front of Jewish owned businesses and shouted at all who entered there: “Kauft nicht von Juden.”

     Likewise, the Arabs and their supporters, including Obama, hold that no Jew has a right to live in Jerusalem, Samaria or Judea. This reminds us of the Europeans who decided in 1933 that no Jew had the right to live in Germany, although the Jewish population in Germany at that time was only 580,000 among 62 million Germans. Today Germany has a population of 82 million, who once more agitate against the 200,000 Jews foolish enough to live there.

     In 1939, the German army invaded Poland, which then had a Jewish population of 3 million among 32 million Poles. The Germans and the Poles concluded that Jews had no right to live in Poland. Therefore, both nations together murdered all the German and Polish Jews, as was later the case in Russia, the Balkans, the Baltic states, as well as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In short, Europeans slaughtered Jews at will and seek to do the same today.

     Now we are told by the Obama administration that the people of Israel, living in their own land for over 2,900 years, are “settlers” not entitled to remain there. Once more the Arab invaders and their allies claim that Jews have no right to be in Israel and that 500,000 Jews should be made homeless so that Arab terrorists can occupy their towns and villages, their land and their possessions.

    The demand that Israel be confined to the “Auschwitz line,” that is, the coastal strip along the Mediterranean Sea, is nothing more than an invitation to mass murder. If the Israelis were so foolish as to follow that demand, they would at once be living in an enclave which could not be defended. The land thereby relinquished to the terrorists would of course be used to assemble a vast army derived from 21 Arab countries with a population upward of 300 million. Judea and Samaria would become a staging area for an all-out assault on the remnants of Israel with the certain result of another holocaust.

     All this is evident to those who make such demands on Israel and who “boycott” Jewish business in the hope of achieving these murderous results.

     It is by no means surprising that there are so-called Jews who participate in the agitation promoted by the terrorists and their allies. Such “Jews” have been part of our history since the first century C.E., when a former Jew turned Christian and named only Barnabas wrote a denunciation of his erstwhile co-religionists, thereafter repeated in every generation to this day. According to Barnabas and all who followed him, the Jews were and are responsible for everything wrong in this world. Today such professional haters as the Arab propagandists and their supporters in Europe and around the world repeat all this garbage again and again.

     It is therefore vital for the survival of Israel and the American Jewish community as well to defend ourselves by voting for those who support us. Surely, history teaches us that those who assault Jews in other countries will not hesitate to assault us as well. Understand this. If the haters succeed in destroying Israel with the help of the Obama administration, they will be encouraged to go after the American Jewish community next even if 78% of American Jews voted for their enemies.

     Why not read a history of the Jews some time? It is even more instructive than “Wheel of Fortune”.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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