The United Nations

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The United Nations - United for What?

Today, the “United Nations” are best known for having assumed the direct inheritance of the erstwhile Nazi Party, their predecessors such as the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusaders, and all those endless haters of Israel and God who preceded them.

The United Nations Organization was first founded in 1945 when the representatives of 50 nations met in San Francisco to draw up its charter. That charter was signed by representatives of those 50 countries on the 26th of June, 1945.

It is hard to believe today that the effort then made sought to bring to an end the constant warfare that has plagued mankind for so long and to insure a least a minimum of “human rights” for all men, even Jews.

In 1945 there were at least some politicians included in the UNO delegations who thought it “unfortunate” that 6 million Jews had just been slaughtered by the Europeans. No doubt, Germany was in the lead in promoting these horrors. However, most Europeans, with some honorable exceptions, cooperated with the killers and profited from those mass murders. Today we know that even Sweden and Switzerland, the so-called “neutrals” during the Second World War, are still sitting on Nazi gold robbed from the Jewish corpses of 1933-45.

Recall now that when the Jewish people sought to return to the Land of Israel which has been our inheritance since the days of Abraham, the British colonizers hunted down the refugees who had survived the death camps and imprisoned them on Cyprus, then a British colony, so as to prevent their entrance into their ancient homeland.

Despite the effort of the British to prevent Jewish independence in Israel, six hundred thousand Jews, the majority of the inhabitants of that land, declared their independence on May 5, 1948. There are those who like to pretend that the United Nations created Israel by voting in favor of the partition of the so-called “Palestine” in 1947. That is of course ridiculous, not only because the Jews of Israel created their own independence by their own “blood, sweat and tears” but also because there never was, is not now, and never will be a “Palestine”.

After the Romans destroyed all of Judea and Samaria in 135, they called the land they had devastated “Palestina” so as to obliterate the name Judea from the memory of mankind. They used the name of an ancient people, the Philistines, who were no more even in 135, so as to wipe out any vestige of Jewish connection to the “Promised Land”. Today, of course, Rome is no more but Israel exists.

Those who now call themselves “Palestinians” are Arab immigrants to Israel who came from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt in order to take advantage of the high standard of living the Jews had achieved in Israel. Yassir Arafat Husseini, the current Hitler, is an Egyptian. He was not born in Jerusalem as he pretends. He was born in Egypt. He is the poster boy of the United Nations, despite the old laundry he wears on his head.

Now today, the United Nations has become the direct promoter of all that is hateful in the world. This is visible in many ways. The best and most recent example of the hate mongering of the United Nations was their “World Conference Against Racism”, held in Durban, South Africa in September of 2001. That conference should have been called the World Conference to Persecute the Jewish People.

Our delegation to that conference withdrew when it became clear that the conference had no interest in alleviating the consequences of racism but that, on the contrary, the conference sought to enhance and promote hatred in this world. The entire conference was used to denounce Jews, to revive all the ancient hate slogans about “Christ killers”, to repeat the Nazi dictums of the 1940’s and to call for the destruction of Israel. It is to the credit of our government and President George W. Bush that we walked out of that United Nations cabal.

A second example of the moral failure of the United Nations and its promotion of anti-Judaism in the world was the appointment of Mary Robinson as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. At the insistence of the United States, Ms. Robinson is no longer in that position because Ms. Robinson used her office to agitate against Jews and Israel.

A yet more grievous example of the anti-Jewish attitude of the so-called “United Nations” is the recent effort by the U.N. to send an investigating team to Israel with the announced purpose of blaming Israel for the terrorism unleashed there since last September. That terrorism consists, of course, of the homicide bombings committed daily by the minions of Arafat and his Nazis whose religion teaches them that no Jew has a right to live.

Now this team has been rejected by Israel because it is evident that the members of that team are a gang of Jew-hating politicians who have already decided in advance that the army of Israel conducted a “massacre” in Jenin, an Arab town devoted to attacks on Jews and proud of the mass murder conducted by its citizens these fifteen months.

Included in that U.N. team is Cornelio Sommaruga, an Italian-Swiss citizen who formerly headed the International Red Cross. In that capacity, Sommaruga refused to allow the membership of Israel into the International Red Cross although every Moslem state in the world is a member. Sommaruga said repeatedly that he would rather see the Crooked Cross, i.e., the Swastika of the Nazi party, become a Red Cross emblem than the Mogen Dovid Adam. This hater is a member of a United Nations “investigating committee” to look into the fighting in Jenin provoked by the killers who bombed a Seder in an Israeli hotel last month. Of course, the committee is not interested in investigating the murder of Jews. Their only interest in the defamation of the Jewish people.

Another hate-filled gang of religious bigots is Amnesty International. They too are endlessly blaming “the Jews” for all the world’s ills but find nothing wrong with the murder of Jews, with Hitler, with Nazis, with the homicide bombers, with the burning down of synagogues, with the persecution of the small Jewish community in Iran or with anything causing Jewish suffering. Theirs is indeed the old “Christ killer” mentality.

The U.N. is of course not only opposed to the existence of the Jewish people. They don’t like the Serbs either. The Serbs committed the “crime” of defending themselves against Osama bin Laden and his Albanian allies who sought to destroy that country, annex large parts of Serbia to Albania and flatten every Christian church in Kosovo, a Serbian province.

The Albanian Moslems even have an air force. It is called the NATO air force, which bombed Belgrade on their behalf. Having destroyed that city, the U.N. assembled a kangaroo court which pretends to “try” the former president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosovich, for defending his country against the Osama bin Laden attacks. Included in the panel of judges are only those whose long history of anti-Serb attitudes is impeccable. Of course, Milosovich will be convicted. Is it not a crime to defend oneself against Moslem atrocities?

The lesson to be drawn from all the pain and misery the United Nations has brought to this world is that the U.S., our country, should no longer contribute any of our tax money to these haters. The majority of the members of that criminal gang also hate the U.S.A., although they are more than willing to take our money or attend our colleges for free.

We don’t need these haters. We don’t need the bigots. We don’t need the persecutors. We don’t need this gang of organized criminals. They need us. Therefore, let us write to our congressional delegation and insist that our money not be spent on the U.N. henceforth. Congress votes all expenditures. If Congress refuses to include money for the U.N. in our next budget then they can take their lunatic hatred elsewhere. They can get out of New York and go to Baghdad, where they will all be welcome by Saddam Hussein, their mentor and their idol.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Stigma:  How We Treat Outsiders.

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