Anti-Jewish Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Apostates:  Falk, Finkelstein, Chomsky and Judd.  An Age Old Jewish Problem.


   At present, four former Jews and so-called “prominent” academics are befouling the media with their hatred of the Jewish people. Among these haters is Richard Falk, recently retired from Princeton University, where he served as a professor of international law.

   For years, Falk has used his academic position to write articles and books designed to destroy Israel and denounce the Jewish people. Falk has gone so far as to call Israelis “Nazis” while finding nothing wrong with the killing of Jews and the slaughter of civilians by such terror gangs as “Hamas”, “Hizbollah” and other murderers.

   Because of his hatred of Jews, the so-called UN Human Rights Council has appointed Falk to investigate “human rights violations” by Israel in the so-called “Palestinian territories”, meaning that part of Israel occupied by the Arab aggressors.

   In view of Falk’s evident hatred of Jews and Israel, the foreign ministry of Israel has announced that Falk will not be allowed to enter the country. Falk had hoped to take up his post in May, when he intended to travel to Gaza, the “West Bank” and other occupied areas for the sole purpose of once more denouncing Jews.

  The “Human Rights Council” is of course not interested in human rights. Its sole purpose is to rant against the Jewish people and to provide the hate mongers with a forum for constant attacks on Israel. Falk seeks to participate in this slander for money and temporary attention to his cause, the destruction of Israel.

    Likewise, Norman Finkelstein, formerly a professor of Political Science at DePaul University, a Catholic university in Chicago, is spending all his time visiting Arab countries or American universities where he pontificates at Muslim meetings and is paid to rail against Jews. Finkelstein was denied “tenure”, that is,  a lifetime appointment at DePaul, because he had produced no scholarly work in the seven years he spent on that faculty. Finkelstein had previously been dismissed from other academic appointments for the same reason. Instead of publishing books or articles based on research, Finkelstein spent all his time writing books denouncing Jews. Finkelstein defends the holocaust denier David Irving, appears at conventions of terrorists in Lebanon as the main speaker, associates with Arab killers of Israeli children, and uses every opportunity to attack his erstwhile co-religionists.

   Because Finkelstein has no academic appointment, his income is dependent on the hate circus which employs him here and abroad just as is true of his mentor, Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is a famous linguist who has been associated for years with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Chomsky not only denounces Israel.  Chomsky attacks “the New York Jews” and makes it plain that he hates all Jews, no matter their nationality. While many Jew baiters claim that they are “only” anti-Israel but not anti-Jewish, Chomsky makes no such distinctions. He lets it be known that all Jews are anathema to him and that he would love to see another holocaust and the utter annihilation of Jews everywhere. Of course, Chomsky has Jewish ancestry. Chomsky, like his protégé Finkelstein, writes and lectures on the “hate the Jews” circuit.

   Fourth, we have Tony Judt. Judt is a British born former Jew and history professor at NYU who has written a book to the effect that Israel should not exist. Here again we have a hater who has nothing to say about the mass murder of 6 million Jews in Europe, but cries into his beer about the fate of the Arabs who are unable to murder Jews at will because Israel is able to defend itself against murder. Judt seeks the dissolution of Israel and promotes an Arab state on Israel’s territory. Judt even blames the attacks on European Jews by the German and other “neo” Nazis on Israel.

    Attacks of former Jews upon the Jewish community are as old as Judaism itself. In the first century, a Jew named only Barnabas wrote a number of polemics against his former co-religionists after he had converted to Christianity . These accusations were repeated again and again for 1,900 years as “reasons” for Jew baiting.

    In 336, Joseph of Tiberias, a former member of the Sanhedrin, denounced Jews to the Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome. He made all kinds of claims about Jews desecrating the “New” Testament. Numerous other former Jews ingratiated themselves with Constantine and other emperors at the expense of the Jews.

   In  Spain, in the seventh century and later, numerous Jews denounced Jewish writings, and particularly the Talmud, as an anti-Christian book, leading to book burning and murder of Jews. These atrocities were followed by Moses Sephardi, a former Jew, who wrote an entire book against Jews and Judaism in 1106. In 1263, Paplo Christiani, a former Jew, depicted the Talmud as an anti-Christian book, leading to the burning of all Talmuds in Spain and to the murder of many Jews who knew no means of escape from the mob.

   In the 15th century, a former rabbi who called himself Paul de Santa Maria succeeded in having all Jews excluded from public office in Spain. In 1505 Joseph Pfefferkorn, a German Jew, denounced Judaism  by claiming that he could read Hebrew, although as a butcher, he really had very little knowledge of the language. Nevertheless, he succeeded in convincing Chrisitan authorities that the Talmud attacked Christianity, followed by Antonius Margaritha, son of a rabbi, who published a book in 1610 concerning “den ganzen Judischen Glaub”, or the whole Jewish belief, which denounced Judaism.

   These allegations continued in Germany and other European countries until Hitler’s day. In Muslim countries things were the same. Jews denounced Jews and were rewarded by Muslim governments.

   Evidently, Falk and Chomsky, Finkelstein and Judt say nothing new nor are they  unique in their attacks against us. Surely, long after all four of them are forgotten there  will be others to keep up the Jew hating tradition. In that they will not be alone. They will always have friends like Jimmy  Carter, who visits terrorists in Syria, or Barack Obama, whose advisers are all Jew baiters like Brzezinski, Carter, Walt and Mearsheimer, and many more.

   All this apostasy will do the haters no good.  We are not an ordinary people. We have survived all of them and will continue to do so, come what may.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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