Arabic Definitions

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Kill the Jews


     There is only one issue between the Arabs and their one billion Muslim supporters and the 13 million Jews still surviving. The Arabs and their friends want to kill any and all children of a Jewish mother and all who believe in Judaism, while the few Jews remaining after the great European slaughter seek to stay alive.

      That is the reason why all the concessions made by Israel to the terrorists have never succeeded in bringing about peace. The Arabs are not interested in having been given Gaza because they are only interested in killing Jews. Therefore they used Gaza as a launching pad to fire deadly missiles at Jewish homes all over Israel. The Arabs could have shown peaceful intentions by demonstrating that Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2006 could lead to further concessions later. Instead they resorted to murder.

      Likewise, Israel withdrew peacefully from the Sinai peninsula in 1978, only to be confronted with the insane demand that a huge number of Arab terrorists be allowed to enter Israel as so-called “refugees” when in fact they were born in every Arab country surrounding Israel and even as far away as Detroit. The real reason the withdrawal from Sinai was not enough for the Arabs was and is that the Arabs and their supporters want to kill all Jews. As long as that has not been achieved, no concession by Israel is enough for the killers.

    In 2000, the then prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, offered the terrorist boss of the Arabs all of Jerusalem and all of Samaria and Judea. Arafat refused because his real aim was to kill Jews, not to establish a so-called Palestinian state in the area conceded by Israel.

     A few days ago the psychotic hater Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, screamed his message of hate at a conference on racism in Switzerland. Cursing Jews, Hitler style, this moral pigmy ranted his hatred and bloody message in so offensive a fashion that even the European Jew baiters walked out of the conference sponsored by the successors of the Nazi empire, the United Nations.

     The fact is that nothing can satisfy the Arab-Muslim alliance other than the murder of every Jew on earth. If there were only one Jewish child left on earth and that one child lived in Nome, Alaska, then the Arabs would go to Nome to kill the last Jewish child.

     There are politicians, and especially the media, who endlessly bicker that Israel should surrender to the killers. In order to cover up their murderous intentions, the media have invented a vocabulary similar to the Nazi vocabulary of the 1940’s, which make the uninitiated believe that black is white, water is dry, up is down, and the gas chambers are recreational facilities. For example, the first anti-Jewish law made by the Nazi killers was called “Das Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtemtums”. The translation is: “Law for the Reconstruction of the Civil Service”. So what is wrong with reconstructing the civil service? The law really meant that all Jews were fired from their government jobs, both local and federal.

     Likewise, our present media use similar tactics. For example, a man born in Germany is called a German. A man born in England is called an Englishman. A man born in America is called an American. But a Jew born in Judea is called a settler by the media.  A Muslim born in Detroit whose grandfather came there in 1940 is called a Palestinian refugee, even if he has never seen Israel.

     The wall between Texas and Mexico is called “the U.S.-Mexico border wall.” But the wall keeping the terrorists from murdering Jews in Israel is called “the apartheid wall” by our media, so as to pretend that Israel, which houses over a million Arabs, is a racist state reminiscent of the South African republic before the whites were kicked out.

      The media call Arab killers “militants” but explode in anger whenever Israel defends itself against another round of mass murder.

      No doubt Saudi is the most bigoted, hate driven, medieval slave state on earth. That government has proposed that if Israel would only withdraw to the so-called 1967 borders then all Arab states would at once make peace with Israel. The truth is that in such an event, 250,000 Jews would become homeless. Furthermore, the Arabs would of course use the territory given them as a launching site for the bombardment of the remainder of Israel. Just imagine how the tanks of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan would assemble on the Golan heights and descend into Israel from there. Israel would be utterly defenseless without the Golan or without Samaria and Judea. No, the Saudis don’t want to live in peace. They want to kill Jews.

     Therefore it is vital that Israel have the capacity to defend itself against the killers of this generation. All the arguments promoted by the Arabs and their friends are based on the hope of killing Jews.

      If we look at the Arab demands on Israel and view these in the light of reality, we find that there are no Jews “occupying Arab lands” because all of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river as well as half of the so-called “kingdom of Jordan” is Arab-occupied Jewish land. In 1920, the British occupiers gave a gang of Bedouins the east bank of the Jordan river and called that entity “Trans-Jordan”, since then renamed “Jordan”. That was and is Jewish land. No Arab immigrant to Israel has a right to be there. They came to take advantage of Jewish labor, Jewish investment and Jewish development, and then have the gall to pretend that our land, in our possession for three thousand years, is somehow theirs. Why don’t the Arabs move into Kansas or Alaska and then claim that Kansas is an Arab country?

     The Arabs and their supporters claim that there are Arab refugees who need to return to their “homes”. The truth is that there are 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries whose possessions, homes, land, houses, furnishings, cars, money, etc. have all been stolen by the Arab population in the countries of the Jewish refugees' origin. These Jews had lived in these countries since Biblical times. The Arabs came there in the seventh and eighth centuries and tortured the Jews, Nazi style, until Israel became independent in 1948. There are no Arab refugees but, Jimmy Carter, there are 850,000 Jewish refugees and their one million descendants.

     Carter, the worst president the U.S. ever had, complains that Israel has 150 atomic bombs. If that is so, it guarantees the survival of 5.5 million Jews living there. Without that deterrent, no Jew would be alive in Israel today.

     These are the facts. It is unfortunate that that is so. But until the day comes when Leviticus 19:18 is recognized as more than just rhetoric, we have no choice but to defend ourselves. Consider that sixty-four years after the Europeans murdered six million innocent Jews, the European media continue endless harangues against Jews and Judaism, and public opinion polls in that bloody continent, from Norway to Italy, from Ireland to the Ukraine, show that the irrational hatred of Jews goes on and on even without Jews.

      Yet, we will survive, even as the haters bleat their poison ad infinitum.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Women & Social Change in America (2009).

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