A Libelous Book

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


Blind Hatred in Today's America Against Our Jewish People

It was less than two weeks ago that I chanced upon a manuscript whose author wanted approval to publish his “scholarly” work. This professor reversed the facts in such a manner that the unenlightened would believe what he had written and could easily be influenced by his hateful prevarications. He alleged that we were seeking to use “ethnic cleansing” (the author apparently plagiarized that phrase from Yugoslavia) to rid ourselves of the Arabs in Israel. In his anti-Semitic zest he utilized Arab propaganda as well as Hitlerian tactics to make his point. The Arab people are described as being land poor while the opponents are greedy and self seeking. The professor forgot to mention that the state of Israel is the size of New Jersey and the Arab Nation owns territory the size of the United States.

The Arabs, not the Israelis, use suicide bombers and terrorism to make their “statement”. The barren land that the Jews allegedly confiscated, had not been “stolen”.

When the Jewish settlers came to Israel they cultivated the parched desolate land, which made it livable and useful for both Arabs and Israelis. This gave both Arabs and Jews jobs, livelihood and food to eat. The Jews began irrigation not long after their arrival and brought with them knowhow and concern to better their parched land, which had lain useless.

The would be author spoke in positive terms about the P.L.O. This organization is composed of a membership of terrorists which believes in “Fatah”, meaning “conquest”, derived from the word “Hataf”, which means death. By these words the Arabs have lived and only when nearly three thousand of our innocent American peers were destroyed in New York by the Arab terrorists did we understand how the citizens of Israel feel surrounded by suicide bombers, rock throwers and other assorted murderers. The writer quoted Israel Shahak, survivor of Bergen Belsen, as alleging to have said that Israel is racist. First of all, this phrase was taken out of context, and secondarily there are some self hating Jews just as there are other self haters in our society of various religious, non religious and ethnic groups. The wall that the professor insists was to exclude innocent Arabs was constructed for the protection of innocent humans who were potential targets of Arab terrorists; just as we in our beloved country, the United States of America, set up controls to keep terrorists out of our land. Homeland security measures are a good example of this.

If indeed the Israelis were ready with their guns and other defenses and were accused by Arabs as being aggressive, it was a necessity, since previously Jews had always been an oppressed and peace loving people who, because they were a beleaguered tiny minority who did not defend themselves, became the victims of the Nazis/Germans, Poles and Russians, etc. and were killed by the droves over centuries, including pogroms, culminating in the gas ovens where six million innocent Jewish people were mercilessly tortured and killed. When the Professor recites the diatribe that the Jews take advantage of the Holocaust – what “advantage” is he talking about?! The Israelis have learned through hard experience and from history that they “hang together or they will hang separately”.

The writer speaks of reparations made by Germany for the six million that were annihilated. The relatively infinitesimal sums that they doled out was only a fraction of the money, jewelry, homes, livelihoods and earthly goods that they stole from the Jews to say nothing of the six million lives that they extinguished during the Third Reich. Like the Germans during the Hitler Era, the Arab terrorists attach no value to human lives or they would not encourage their people to be suicide bombers.
There is much written resentfully about moneys given to Israel by the US government. Much of the money contributed is actually money given by the Jews of America for the economic survival of their fellow brethren.


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of  Youth Culture and the Generation Gap.

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